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Exploring Global Beauty Trends | Our Game-Changing Travel Makeup Kits

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Women, including actress Shai Mitchell, showcasing different beauty trends around the world to try with your travel makeup kit


id="section1">Exploring Global Beauty Trends with Our Game-Changing Travel Makeup Kits

 At Subtl Beauty, we create game-changing travel makeup kits that we call Staks for badass people on the go. They’re built to streamline your beauty routine to make packing and going through TSA a breeze. Plus, they provide nourishing skin benefits and the convenience of applying your makeup in the most inconvenient places. Basically, our Staks are like having an entire makeup routine in the palm of your hand, making it a must-have for jetsetters everywhere. 

But as a traveling beauty-lover, you probably don’t want to sacrifice the latest beauty trends, and with our travel makeup kits (AKA Subtl Staks), you don’t have to. While they’re great for minimalistic looks, our Staks can also help you achieve these four popular global beauty trends:

Achieving A French Riviera Face With Our Travel Makeup Kits | Fresh Skin With a Bold Lip

Three Distinct Makeup Looks Created with Travel Makeup Kits: Dewy Glow with Cheek Pop, Glamorous Bronzed Features with Cheek and Lip Color, and Edgy Glam with a Pop of Orange Eye and Nude Lip

Pictured: The French Riviera Face   |   Source: Evie (left), Pinterest (middle), Viva Glam (right)

Coined by Sofia Richie (Lionel Richie’s daughter), the French Riviera-inspired makeup look includes fresh skin and a bold lip. "Start with a weightless complexion using a sheer tint or opt for just a dab of concealer where needed," says makeup artist Jason Hoffman. "Apply a liberal amount of bronzer to give the effect of a rich tan and finish with a high-impact lip.”

To get this glowing-bronzed look, we recommend grabbing the Lip & Cheek in Hibiscus Highway as it’s able to give a pop of color to both your cheeks and lips (we adore a good multi-use product here at Subtl!). It’s formulated with jojoba oil and shea butter to hydrate and nourish your skin, while also being a compact Stak component to save you space in your carry-on

This trend can’t be achieved without a long-lasting bronzer, like the Subtl Beauty Bronzer; a little goes a long way with its high pigment concentration, which means you’ll look chiseled to perfection while traveling without using much product. If you’re not one for a bold lip and want to go more neutral, you can finish off the French Riveria look with our hydrating Lip Balm

French Riviera Face Stak Must-Haves: Lip & Cheek in Hibiscus Highway, Bronzer, Lip Balm

SUBTL BEAUTY PROTIP: Not sure how to use bronzer for the French Riviera trend? Or maybe you’re confused about the difference between contour and bronzer? No big deal! To achieve a Kim K-esque-inspired look for this trend, we recommend doing a bit of both. Here’s how:

id="section3">Cloud Skin | Soft Skin and Natural Radiance: Execute this look with Subtl Beauty's Travel Makeup Kits

Travel Makeup Kit Inspiring Three Ethereal and Flawless Glam Looks: Soft Focus with Natural Radiance for a Subtl Beauty Transformation

Pictured: Cloud Skin   |   Source: Beauty Bay (left), Byrdie (middle), Vogue (right)

Characterized by a soft, flawless, and ethereal complexion – akin to the appearance of a cloud – celebs like Selena Gomez have put the cloud skin trend on the map. "Soft focus skin with natural radiance is having a moment," says makeup artist Danessa Myricks. "The key to getting cloud skin is by balancing a refined, natural finish while preserving a skin-like dimension."

As a base for cloud skin, opt for our buildable, lightweight Cream Concealer in the shade that best fits your skin tone (we have 19 skin-loving shades). Next, since hydrating products are vital to this trend, brush on our innovative Shine Control Pressed Powder; it’s lightweight, cake-free, controls oil in a pinch, and is formulated with the ingredient squalane for a boost of moisture.

To finish, grab our newly launched Cream Highlighter in Rosé for the ultimate natural glow that’s dewy and crease-free. Not only does it blend seamlessly into your skin for a luminosity that lasts all day, but it’s also ultra-versatile; doubling as a flawless cream eyeshadow, this glow-on-the-go highlighter is a must-have for cloud skin and your everyday makeup look. 

Cloud Skin Stak Must-Haves: Shine Control Pressed Powder, Cream Concealer, Cream Highlighter in Rosé

SUBTL BEAUTY PROTIP: Did you know that you can use our Cream Concealer to cover, contour, and highlight? While this may sound like a lot of complex steps to add to your daily makeup routine, let one of our Subtl Beauties, Niara, show you how quick and easy it can be:

Amplifying Your Edgier Everyday Look | Grunge Glam with Subtl Beauty's Travel Makeup Kits

Edgier 90s Grunge Glam: Bold Lips and Eyes - Travel Makeup Kit Inspiration

Pictured: Grunge Glam   |   Source: Ipsy (left), Vanity (middle), Beauty Crew (right)

If you’re anything like the rest of us then you’re stoked to see 90s grunge makeup reemerge after watching shows like Wednesday. “Edgier, everyday makeup, like a more elevated version of Wednesday Addams is big,” says lead Euphoria makeup artist Donni Davy. “It’s a more fierce look that is less about being soft and pretty and more about embracing your edgier side.” 

To achieve this look with one of our travel makeup kits, grab the Subtl Lip & Cheek in Passport to Plum and Auburn Adventure. These fall-loving shades are perfect for this edgy trend as they’re rich, decadent tones that can be applied to both your lips and cheeks. To round out the grunge glam look, we recommend going for a smokey eye using the Eyeshadow Duos in Dune.

Grunge Glam Stak Must-Haves: Lip & Cheek in Passport to Plum, Lip & Cheek in Auburn Adventure, Eyeshadow Duos in Dune

SUBTL BEAUTY PROTIP: Have you ever used our easy-to-blend, crease-proof Eyeshadow Duos for a smokey eye on-the-go? Or are you new to eyeshadow and need a beginner’s guide? No prob! As usual, Subtl Beauty Niara has you covered with a tutorial for an easy-to-follow golden smokey eye that’ll have heads turning no matter where you’re venturing off to:

Unveiling Your Self-Expression with a Splash of Fun | Colorful and Vibrant Glam Enhanced by Subtl Beauty Travel Makeup Kits

Vibrant Travel Makeup Kit: Self-Expression Glam for Dopamine Makeup with Colorful Eye, Lip, and Cheek

Pictured: Self Expression Glam   |   Source: Byrdie (left), Arts & Colors (middle), NY Time (right)

Some also refer to self-expression glam as “dopamine makeup” because it’s such a blast to see on others and apply on yourself. Plus, with this trend – anything goes, especially vibrant tones. “People are craving color,” says Sir John, Beyonce’s makeup artist. “Whenever I’m working on a client and looking to make them feel confident and to set their vibrations high, I use color.” 

Since the self-expression glam trend is all about letting your inner self shine through shades that speak to you, we’re just going to offer some basic recs to get you started. No makeup look will ever be complete without a little glow, which is why our easy-to-use, beginner-friendly Powder Highlighter in Champagne is a must-have; and it can be used as both a highlighter and shadow.

We love using blush as a means of self-expression, especially when it comes to our buildable Lip & Cheek in Terracotta Tour Guide. Like most things that Subtl creates, it’s versatile and can be used as both a blush and lip product. If you’re more of a powder blush girlie, you can add the Subtl Powder Blush in Pink In a Pinch to one of our customizable travel makeup kits

Self-Expression Glam Stak Must-Haves: Powder Highlighter in Champagne, Lip & Cheek in Terracotta Tour Guide, Powder Blush in Pink in a Pinch

SUBTL BEAUTY PROTIP: Highlighter has become all the rage as of late – and for good reason; it adds a touch of luminosity to your skin, giving you that coveted lit-from-within look. If you’re not sure how to apply highlighter to accentuate your features, check out this tutorial: 

Our Makeup Travel Kits Are a Must-Have for On-The-Go Beauty Lovers: The Reviews Speak for Themselves

Woman Holding Up a Subtl Beauty Travel Makeup Kit, AKA Stak

Want to join over 200+ happy Subtl Beauties by grabbing one of our newly-launched Stak 2.0s? Click here to choose your concealer shade, so that if you opt for a Starter Stak (or a different Pre-Made Stak), we know how to perfectly curate it. Or you can customize your own Stak to meet your personal aesthetic. You can also take our 30-second quiz if you’re not sure what shades would work best for your skin.

Travel Makeup Starter Stak Reviews: First off, I’m both a minimalist girl and a full glam one, and the Starter Stak has been a game-changer for me. I’ve had both Stak 1.0 and 2.0, and I can say that the improvements are so great with the new Stak. It has cut down my get ready time by nearly thirty minutes, and I love that touch ups can easily happen anywhere. I have a wedding coming up in Scotland, and I plan to solely take my Stak for my wedding look. If you’re a newbie, you can also add to your Stak, which is super cool. High recommend! You’ll never go back; I know I haven’t. - Jordan; I’m really glad I decided to give this a try! I was nervous to match my tone, but the concealer works wonderfully. It’s so quick and easy to use, perfect for traveling with, or even keeping in your purse. I keep mine in my purse and do my makeup on the go and it saves me so much time! - Ally; I'm absolutely LOVING my Subtl Stak 2.0! This Stak creates a natural and classic look that lasts all day long. I love that I can take my entire makeup routine with me on my frequent travels and it hardly takes up any space. Plus, no more wasting makeup! I use each product up completely before swapping with a refill. - Alexis G.

If you’re already obsessed with our Stak 2.0, make sure to let us know how it has replaced your previous travel makeup kit, along with which global beauty trend you’ll be trying first. 

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