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Global Glam: How You Can Unlock the Secrets of Summer Beauty on Your Next Vacation

Girl with sun glasses on a beach

Global Glam: How You Can Unlock the Secrets of Summer Beauty on Your Next Vacation

Summer: the season of pool parties, late beach afternoons, ooey-gooey (might be melted) ice cream, vacations, and summer beauty. If you’re not sure what summer beauty is, it’s basically taking into consideration the weather around you while doing your makeup and skincare routines. After all, the longer hours of daylight and high humidity levels of summer can cause your makeup to do some pretty crazy things. But that’s just scratching the surface; pre-weather planning is key to summer beauty as different destinations present unique makeup needs.

To make transitioning to summer beauty easier than ever, we’ve created a guide on how summer weather can affect your skin and makeup, along with ways to keep your complexion flawless no matter the locale. Here’s the summer beauty scoop:

How Hot Weather Affects Your Skin and Summer Beauty

Did you know that every season impacts your skin and makeup differently? Winter’s dry air, for example, is known to cause dehydrated, flaky skin that can leave your makeup looking a little worse for wear (check out this tutorial if you have this issue!). In summer, though, your complexion may change because of the hot, humid air. Here’s how:

  • Summer Can Make Your Skin Oily: Your skin has things known as sebaceous glands that produce sebum (AKA an oily substance that protects your skin from drying out). These glands produce too much sebum in hot weather, which causes breakouts.
  • Summer Can Dehydrate Your Skin: When you have a lot of contact with water, your skin can become pretty dry. Extreme changes in temperature like when you leave an air-conditioned room and go outside can also negatively affect your skin’s hydration.
  • The Sun’s UV Rays During Summer Can Negatively Affect Your Skin: Sun exposure can have a really bad impact on your skin; it can cause sunburns, swelling, wrinkles, and irregular pigmentation. For a sun-kissed tan this summer, faux is the way to go!
  • Bacteria Can Ruin Your Makeup: Bacteria is a fiend for hot, humid weather, so just call it Sandy because it’s summer-lovin’. To stop bacteria from growing in your beloved makeup this summer, store it in a cool, dry place (not the sun!). 

Ways to Protect Your Skin for Flawless Summer Beauty on the Go

While summer can wreak havoc on your skin and makeup (as we mentioned above), traveling means that you might find yourself in a place with different weather. Luckily, there are some universal precautions you can take regardless of your destination to give your skin and makeup a summer beauty boost. Here’s how:

Know Your Skin Type for the Right SPF Protection

Ever heard of the Fitzpatrick Skin Type System? It’s commonly used to determine your skin type and skin cancer risk. But it’s also a great way to predict your skin’s reaction to the sun’s ultra-damaging rays, which are at their peak during the summer months. According to this measurement, there are six unique skin types based on how much melanin (a pigment in your body that produces hair, eye and skin colors) is present in your skin. 

By figuring out which skin type you have, you can choose the most effective SPF to keep your skin healthy and radiant while traveling:

It’s important to note that regardless of your skin type, you should always:

  • Utilize shade when possible
  • Wear protective clothing (like a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses) that blocks UV rays
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF 15

Try to Stick To Your Normal Skincare and Makeup Routines as Much as Possible

Portable Make Up Stack

Experts agree that trying to alter too many things in your skincare and makeup routines can put a real damper on your vacay. After all, if your regimes work and they leave your skin looking flawless, why change a good thing? If you’re trying to manage certain skin conditions while traveling, this is especially vital. “A common complaint I hear from patients is having irritated skin, eczema, or acne breakouts after traveling,” Carol Cheng, M.D. says. 

“There are several reasons for fluctuations in the skin while traveling, but one of them may be deviating from normal skincare and makeup routines, so I like to try and minimize this factor by sticking to my home ones,” she adds. The easiest way to do this is by using travel-sized versions of your favorite products. If those products don’t exist, transfer some of yours into smaller containers. 

PS. When it comes to makeup, your Subtl Stack is always ready for travel. No changes needed!

Get Prepared for the Ultra-Drying Effects of Traveling by PlaneGirl in a high bun inside airplane

Traveling on planes can have a serious impact on your skin’s hydration levels because they tend to have low humidity. This can cause your skin to become dry, cracked, dull, uneven, and/or wrinkled while traveling. However, you can detect dehydration through your skin by pinching a small area of your cheek or neck. If the skin wrinkles beneath your fingers or doesn’t bounce back immediately when you let go, you and your skin need some hydrating TLC.

“I recommend applying a thick moisturizer before boarding to ensure hydration through the trip,” recommends Dr. Cheng. She also says that hydrating sheet masks and under-eye masks are super refreshing while in flight! Olga Bunimovich, M.D., touches more on the importance of moisturizer while traveling: “While I try not to change my routines while traveling, I do increase or decrease my moisturizer use depending on my location of travel, the plane, and my makeup.

Give Your Skin Some Summer Beauty Love Before Your Vacation

Girl wearing eyemask skincare inside airplane

If maintaining your skin’s radiance while traveling this summer is at the top of your to-do list, try booking a thorough facial before your departure. Los Angeles aesthetician, Mila Moursi, says to schedule it a couple of days before your trip to oxygenate your skin and cleanse your pores. By getting a facial before traveling, your skin will be in the best condition possible, leaving your makeup with a gorgeous summer beauty glow. 

Before leaving your house to board the plane (or in the airport bathroom: we don’t judge here), try washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Then, layer on your favorite toner and serum to keep your skin’s natural barrier in tip-top shape. Finish by sealing everything in with a moisturizer. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can do a self-massage before heading to the plane as body oil will protect your skin from the dry air that's pumped out during the flight.

The Subtl Stack Is a Travel-Friendly Must-Have for Summer Beauty

Travel Make Up at A white sand beach

The Subtl Stack can replace your entire travel beauty case carry-on, making transitioning to summer beauty easier than ever. The Subtl Beauty Stack comes with 3.5g of formula in each layer (enough for three months of daily use!), along with a lid and makeup applicator. Each Subtle Beauty Stack is fully customizable and features only high-quality ingredients. 

Want to build a stack and enjoy the portability of Subtl this summer? Take the quiz here to find the products perfect for you and your skin. Need a quick beauty fix before hitting the road? You can grab one of these premade stacks. Either way, happy summer, safe travels, and remember: the Subtl Beauty Stack always has your back.


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