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Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Get ready to glow with this beginner soft glam makeup tutorial! As much as we love getting dressed up, we know that stepping outside your comfort zone can result in makeup mishaps: your blush is too bright, your lip color smudges, and maybe this wasn’t the best time to try contour for the first time.

We created a beginner-friendly soft glam makeup look that makes getting done up a breeze. Don’t let the word “glam” intimidate you. This look features all of the neutral shades you feel comfortable with, but it’s how you apply them that creates the perfect glow for any special occasion. Niara takes us step-by-step in this easy to follow makeup tutorial!

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Achieve a Beginner-Friendly Soft Glam Look

Step 1: Apply Cream Products

Hey there! My name is Niara and today I'll be showing you how to do a very beginner-friendly, soft glam look. Soft glam is all about softly done makeup with no harsh lines or hard contour. It's usually not very bright lipstick, although it can be. The key is all about the blending and how you apply the product to get a really soft look and finish. To achieve this look, I'm using a few items from my Subtl Stack.

First, I apply all of my cream products at once. This helps to get a soft look by applying cream with cream and powders with powders. While my face is still "wet" (without any setting powder), I mix together and apply my cream highlight to the high points of my cheeks. I blend this in with a sponge. Then, I mix together two shades of blush (Dusty Rose and Riveting Red) and blend this in as well. With soft glam looks, it's important to take your time blending everything out.

Step 2: Create Neutral Eye Look

Next, I move on to the eyes. With soft glam eyes, I like to stay with neutral colors, especially neutral browns. I use the Dune Eyeshadow Duo and just the brown shade to create a subtle smokey eye effect. I focus this on the outer corner and crease of my eye, blending it in well. For a very entry-level experience, sticking with a neutral, dark brown shade that works well with your skin tone is a good idea. I add a little bit of eyeliner and then either a pair of lashes or mascara, depending on your preference.

Step 3: Apply Neutral Lip Color

For the lips, I stick to neutrals as well and use my Dusty Rose Lip and Cheek. I apply this on top of a little bit of lip liner, making sure to blend everything together. For a more dramatic look, feel free to use a brighter lip color or add some shimmer.

That's it!

Simpler than you thought, right? This soft glam look is beginner-friendly and easy to achieve with the help of the Subtl Stack. Take your time blending and have fun experimenting with different colors and finishes to find what works best for you.
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