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Take A Deep Dive Into Makeup Pricing With Us

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Subtl Beauty Stak 2.0 Travel Makeup Kit

Take A Deep Dive Into Makeup Pricing With Us

From drugstore dupes to lux must-haves to mid-range game-changers, there are makeup products for everyone's price range. But have you ever wondered what goes into all these prices? Do brands use different ingredients? Or are consumers paying for the name? With inflation squeezing the dimes out of all our wallets and the holiday season upon us, there’s no better time than now to take a deep dive into makeup pricing to keep you in the know.

To learn some interesting stats on how much women and men spend on makeup annually (it’s actually a crazy high number), why people love and buy makeup, and finally – how we keep our prices as low as possible while still keeping our Stak’s quality top-notch, keep reading:

Let’s Talk Statistics, Subtl Beauties

There’s an article floating around the web with a study that breaks down what people spend on beauty maintenance throughout a lifetime (don’t worry, we’ll summarize it for you below). They say it’s enough for a four-year Harvard tuition, which is crazy, right? Here are the deets:

  • The average woman spends about $313 per month on her appearance, which adds up to $3,756 per year or $225,360 throughout a lifetime
  • Men spend about $175,680 throughout their lifetimes, which equates to $244 per month
  • It’s important to note that these numbers do include more than just makeup (think gym memberships, self-care, vitamins, etc), so try to take that into account

These types of eye-opening stats helped mold Subtl Beauty into the best bang-for-your-buck travel makeup option for women on the go. While our Staks look small, they’re mighty and packed with more makeup than other travel-sized makeup products, but more on that soon.

So Why Do People Buy Makeup?

Subtl Beauty Stak 2.0 Travel Makeup Kit

After reading those stats some of you are probably saying something like, “People really spend that much money on makeup?” while others are adding up every Sephora micropurchase they’ve made in the past three months. Even though the numbers are good to know, try not to let them get you down. If you love makeup and it’s in your budget – grab it and treat yourself.

To explore reasons why people love and purchase makeup, we took a deep dive into Reddit and Cosmo to find some real answers. Here are the highlights (see what we did there?):

  • Many claim that they buy makeup because it gives them confidence, while others say it transports them back to their youth and makes them feel like they can conquer anything
  • Some say they have a blast collecting makeup and are always looking forward to adding new hues and tones to their stash (or Stak if you use our game-changing products)
  • Other commenters say that makeup is a means of self-expression; it allows them to try new things, conjure an aesthetic, build on their emotions, and best of all – be themselves
  • Some – like Laura Capon – even mention that makeup doesn’t exclude; she says, “Being ‘curvy’ I couldn’t fit into the clothes in the cool shops, but makeup never excluded. When I couldn't wear the pink dress Jennifer Lopez wears in Maid in Manhattan to my prom, I could still have my own Cinderella moment by wearing her favorite blush.”

We love that makeup is more than just pigment sitting in a pan and has a real impact on people. At Subtl Beauty, we take pride in providing the best travel makeup through good, clean formulas that not only give a flawless look but also a meaningful (and convenient) beauty experience.


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How Do We Price Our Staks?


Have you recently shopped for a Premade Stak or went to customize your own and wondered how we came up with our pricing? Since we know that pricing is important, we always want to be 100% transparent with our Subtl Beauties, especially when it comes to our ingredients.

Our formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, talc-free, gluten-free, and acne-safe, which means that we use more expensive ingredients than most brands with similar products. And while our Staks may be small, the amount of product isn’t (it can last up to three months of daily use).

In fact, each Stak layer comes with three and a half grams of product, which is more than the majority of other travel makeup alternatives currently on the market. We also employ a hometown staff in Pittsburgh (our home base) and believe in paying them a fair, liveable wage.

To make things easier to understand, we created some graphics comparing our Staks to what currently exists in your makeup bag:

Subtl Beauty Stak 2.0 Makeup Travel Kit

Us: $14 for 3g ($4.66/g) Them: $18 for 1.4g ($12.86/g)

Stak Now: Subtl Beauty Cream Concealer 

Subtl Beauty Stak 2.0 Makeup Travel Kit

Us: $14 for 3g ($4.67/g) Them: $32 for 4.5g ($7.11/g)

Stak Now: Subtl Beauty Lip & Cheek

Subtl Beauty Stak 2.0 Makeup Travel Kit

Us: $18 for 1.95g per shade ($4.62/g) Them: $30 for 1.5g per shade ($10.00/g)

Stak Now: Subtl Beauty Eyeshadow Duos

Subtl Beauty Stak 2.0 Makeup Travel Kit

Us: $14 for 3.8g ($3.68/g) Them: $35 for 8g ($4.38/g)

Stak Now: Subtl Beauty Bronzer

Subtl Beauty Stak 2.0 Makeup Travel Kit

Us: $16 for 4.00g ($4/g) Them: $25 for 2.8g ($8.93/g)

Stak Now: Subtl Beauty Pressed-Powder Highlighter

Subtl Beauy Stak 2.0 Makeup Travel Kit

Us: $18 for 3g ($6.00/g) Them: $32 for 5g ($6.40/g)

Stak Now: Subtl Beauty Cream Highlighter

Subtl Beauty Stak 2.0 Makeup Travel Kit

Us: $14 for 3g ($4.67/g) Them: $28 for 4.3g ($6.51/g)

Stak Now: Subtl Beauty Lip Balm

So… if you’re looking for a compact, convenient makeup routine then Subtl is for you. To shop our Staks or create your own, click here

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