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The Beauty of Kickstarter: What You Need to Know

August 30, 2018 3 min read

Subtl Beauty Kickstarter
Written by Megan Vazana 

Do you like exclusive, limited discounts? Getting new products before anyone else? Would you like to help bring a brand to market? Well Kickstarter is the place to go. Subtl Beauty is coming to Kickstarter and we are here to give you the rundown to help maximize your experience.


Before we dive in, here’s a quick Kickstarter glossary to help you navigate Kickstarter and this post:

Pledge - To give money to a project or product

Backer - A backer is someone who pledges money to a product or company they are interested in, in exchange for a “reward.”

Rewards - A reward is something you get when you back a campaign. The brand will set reward levels that you can unlock based on the amount of money you pledge. So, the higher the pledge, the greater the reward.

Goal - The brand/company will set a monetary goal to hit within a certain timeframe. Each time a backer makes a pledge, the company gets closer to their goal.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform whose goal is to help bring innovative products to life by setting a monetary goal and achieving that goal by asking for pledges in exchange for rewards.

We like to think of Kickstarter as a Pre-Order system.

If you find a project or product that you think can enhance your own life, then you can use the platform to back that product and, in exchange, you will receive that product at an exclusive, discounted rate, before anyone else.

Are there any risks?

Not often, and definitely not with Subtl Beauty!

The beauty of purchasing new products on Kickstarter is that the brand is responsible for delivering the product as if you purchased it from an online store. When the campaign launches, the company sets a monetary goal and a timeline to achieve that goal. If the goal isn’t met by the deadline, then your money is returned to you and the campaign closes.

This protects both the company and the customer. If the company doesn’t get the money they need, then they aren’t on the hook to fulfill orders they can’t afford to fulfill. As a backer, you simply get your money back. It’s that simple.

So How Does This Benefit Me?

Besides supporting a project you think is really cool, there also other benefits to backing a Kickstarter campaign - 

  • Get an exclusive, limited discount on products
  • Receive your product before it even hits the market
  • Options! The tiered rewards system to allow you to pledge a little or a lot

Aside from the obvious benefit of supporting women designing products for other women, backing Subtl Beauty on Kickstarter will help bring a product to life that is truly helping empower and support busy, badass women in a way that no other beauty brand is doing right now.

You can be part of that movement by backing us and bringing the Subtl Beauty stack to life!

Pause. Isn't Kickstarter for Guys?

The Kickstarter community has been predominantly men in past years, so why would we decide to launch a for women, by women product on the platform? Because Kickstarter is a reallygreat platform that both men and women should be taking advantage of.

At Subtl Beauty we want to bring more female backers to the Kickstarter community and we aren’t alone. Here are some other amazing female-owned campaigns that have also done a great job at encouraging women to join the Kickstarter movement:

If you’re interested in learning more about Subtl Beauty on Kickstarter you can do a couple of things:

  1. Sign up for our waitlist
  2. Set up an alert and get notified when we go live on Kickstarter
  3. Check out our Rewards

Thanks! xo

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