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The Best Eyeshadow Duo For Your Eye Color

May 27, 2021 2 min read

The Best Eyeshadow Duo For Your Eye Color


We'll use any excuse to dress up our eyes more than usual, and with new Eyeshadow Duos to play with, we’re ready to take our looks to the next level. Whether you have brown, hazel, blue, or green eyes, there’s a shade (or two) made just for you. Find out which duo compliments your specific eye color, and check out our tutorials as you prep to try them out for yourself!


Brown Eyes try Dune Eyeshadow Duo

Rock a smokey eye with Dune, brown eyed girl

If you have brown eyes, chances are you can rock any color (go you!), but if you’re looking for that extra wow-factor, a smokey eye does just the trick. Our Dune Eyeshadow Duo is great for creating the perfect smokey eye without overdoing it… and will certainly make those brown eyes of yours accentuate thesmoke show that you are.

Pro Tip:For all you Geminis (and eyeshadow lovers), check out this Gemini-inspired makeup tutorial incorporating the Dune Eyeshadow Duo!

Hazel Eyes try Nectar Eyeshadow Duo

Emphasize your hazel eyes with Nectar’s golden glow

With eyes like that, girl you deserve a shade as sweet as nectar! The Nectar Eyeshadow Duo is the perfect combination of gold shades to accentuate the golden-brown hues in your hazel eyes (and make them pop in general). The added bonus? The shimmer finish is a sure fire way to add a little sparkle and shine to your already stand-out eye color!

Pro Tip:If you want to see these colors in action, check out Niara’sGolden Smokey Eye makeup tutorial using the Nectar Eyeshadow Duo!

If you’ve got blue eyes, Jelly is the true blue color for you

We’ve got a confession to make… we’re jelly of the way your eyes look rocking this shade, blue eyed bebe! The Jelly Eyeshadow Duo is the perfect combination of subtle pinks and a sweet shimmer to take your gorgj eyes up a notch. Looking to make a bolder statement? The Nectar Duo packs a punch if you’re looking to create a more fierce eye-popping look with your makeup.

Pro Tip: If you’re ready to have all eyes on you, check out our Jelly Eyeshadow Duo look blog for an easy, step-by-step guide on how to apply this shade perfectly!

Green Eyes try Eyeshadow Duos in Crush and Sunset

Crush or Sunset are the shades for our green eyed girlies

We’re already so jealous of your eye color, but we’ve got a secret weapon to make it stand out even more! Our Crush Eyeshadow Duo is perf for blending a lovely shade of lavender with a cool mauve tone for an easily achievable and natural-looking eye-grabbing moment. If you’re looking to really slay your look (and slay some hearts), the coppery tones in our Sunset Duo is a sure way to make your eyes stand out in the crowd. 

Pro Tip:Whether you want a more dramatic look or a subtle shade for summer, Pauline has a makeup tutorial that covers both shades for any season!

Love these pairings for your eye color? Check out our Lip Cheek and Eyeshadow Duo pairings blog to take your look to a whole new wow-factor level!

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