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The Six Best TikTok Makeup Hacks That Really Work

Image of woman doing another woman's makeup

If you’re like me, you love TikTok and have fallen down the makeup rabbit hole more often than you’d like to admit. But, while TikTok is full of some questionable beauty advice, I still find myself curious to know if all the makeup hacks that pop up on my For You Page are worth trying. To save you the time and effort, we scoured popular TikTok makeup hacks from the past few years to find the ones that are definitely worth giving a go.

Here are six of our favorite TikTok makeup hacks, along with their Subtl Beauty pairings, that we think may deserve a place in your day-to-day makeup routine:

TikTok Makeup Hack Number One: Blush Placement Matters

@scortezzbeauty Hate blush? Try this! #SelfImprovement #holidaymusic #makeup #beauty #protips #promua #mua #beauty #beautyhacks #xyzbca #fyp ♬ original sound - Scortezz Beauty


Are you still applying blush to the apples of your cheeks where you smile? If so, this TikTok makeup hack might be right up your alley! In @scortezzbeauty’s viral blush video, he demonstrates that applying blush to your temples and around your eyes can give you a more lifted look. Plus, to add a sunkissed glow (no matter the season), you can swipe your blush across the bridge of your nose and the center of your forehead. 

Before running to your mirror to try this blush-tastic face lift hack, remember that blush should be applied to the areas of your face that make you the happiest, even if the Tik Tok makeup hack says otherwise. So when in doubt (or when boredom takes over) grab your Subtl Powder Blush and play around. It builds with ease and offers the perfect natural pop of color. Try the hack on one side of your face and the smiling method on the other to see which you prefer.


Image of Subtl Beauty's travel makeup powder blush


TikTok Makeup Hack Number Two: Lipstick Can Double as Blush for a Natural, Flushed Look

@lenkalul video ib: @sellmakasumoviq @hxlindx looked better than i expected haha #makeup #makeupvideos #makeuphacks #fyp ♬ Ski Mask The Slump God – Foot Fungus - Kiersten


It’s not a secret that blush is super in right now, but in the TikTok world, many influencers and celebrities are being creative when it comes to adding a little flush to their complexions. A viral TikTok makeup hack by @lenkalul shows that lipstick can double as a great blush. In the tutorial, the creator swipes a vivid red lipstick opaquely on her cheeks, forehead, and nose before applying her contour, concealer, and foundation, resulting in a beautiful peachy look.

You may be asking: what’s the point if I already have blush? While a normal blush also works for this TikTok makeup hack, using lipstick adds a convincing flush that meshes naturally with the skin. At Subtl Beauty, we adore a good multitasking product, which is why we created our Lip and Cheek Rouge. Its creamy formula gives your cheeks and lips a flawless healthy glow. 


image of Subtl Beauty's beginner makeup kit lip and cheek


TikTok Makeup Hack Number Three: Say Goodbye to Fallout

@mikaylanogueira Quick video cause I get asked this a lot :) #makeup #beauty #UnitedWeDance #TwoOptions #BeatsDaisyChallenge ♬ original sound - Mikayla Nogueira


If you’re a beauty lover then chances are your TikTok FYP has shown you a ton of Mikayla Nogueira’s amazing beauty hacks and tutorials; she’s a makeup queen. In this viral TikTok, Mikayla shows how to easily remove the dreaded fallout that often accompanies eyeshadow. She applies a thin layer of loose setting powder under her eyes to catch the fallout then quickly swipes the powder and fallout away with a fluffy brush. Voilà!

In need of an awesome brush that has all your makeup bases (and hacks) covered? The Subtl Beauty Stack Brush BFF is an adjustable, multi-use brush that’s perfect for precision use, all-over face application, and dusting away that pesky fallout. In addition to being a multi-functional savior, the Stack Brush BFF also comes with a lid so it won’t be rolling around your makeup bag or purse getting all gross. And the Stack Brush BFF is free with every purchase!


Image of Subtl Beauty's Stack bff makeup brush for stackable makeup


TikTok Makeup Hack Number Four: Create a Lip Gloss With Your Favorite Eyeshadow

@style Making your own lipgloss with eyeshadow?! 🤎 @molchanovamua #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #style #makeup #makeupinspo #lipgloss #makeuphack ♬ original sound - style


Is there an eyeshadow color that you’d love to have as a lip gloss? Or are you just completely obsessed with glosses and want to add some unique hues to your collection? If so, then this hack is for you! The user, @style, adds a bit of her favorite brown eyeshadow to a clear gloss, resulting in a beautiful nude lippy. To do this TikTok makeup hack without damaging your eyeshadow, gently press a dry doe foot into your eyeshadow before mixing it with the gloss.

Subtl Beauty’s 2-In-2 Eyeshadow Duos are a game changer for your eyes – and your lips, too. They’re formulated with love to last all day, even if you’re hopping on a long flight or taking on a double shift at work. Plus, they’re velvety smooth and are flexible to use subtly or as a bold statement. With the Subtl Eyeshadow Duo, you only need a tiny amount of product for this hack as they’re perfectly pigmented.


Image of Subtl Beauty's stackable makeup eyeshadow duo


PROTIP: You can use the Subtl Beauty Lip Balm for this TikTok makeup hack. Simply add a swipe of the Lip Balm to the back of your hand along with your favorite eyeshadow, and after mixing, you’ll have a small amount of hydrating balm in the color of your choice. It can also be paired with our Lip and Cheek Rouge to create a moisturizing base or glossy top coat. 

The subtlbeauty lip balm

TikTok Makeup Hack Number Five: Achieve a Natural Look With Concealer as Your Foundation

@maishakhanom_ No foundation look!🫶🏼 #concealerasfoundation #nofoundationmakeup #glowycheek #dewy ♬ woo by RIHANNA - .spedupsongs7

If you like a natural look, this TikTok makeup hack by @maishahanom_ may be a great option for you. Instead of using foundation (which we usually cover up with concealer, highlighter, and contour, anyway) just apply concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes to lift and brighten your look. With a darker shade of concealer, you can contour the hollow areas of the face to add shape and color. 

The buildable medium-coverage Subtl Beauty Cream Concealer is the perfect choice for this Tik Tok makeup hack as it was created to hide blemishes while brightening the undereye area. The dewy, hydrating formula (yas for hydration!) is formulated in 19 hues to compliment all skin tones, making it easy to choose a color perfect for you and your contour. The Subtl Beauty Cream Concealer pairs perfectly with the Shine Control Powder for a natural, matte finish. 


Image of Subtl Beauty's stackable makeup cream concealer


The Subtl Beauty Stack Is the Ultimate Makeup Hack

@kellyrosesarno Reply to @syow00 I just did! Whatcha think?! @Subtl review. #makeupreview #subtlebeauty #hoeonthego #30mascaras ♬ original sound - Kelly Rose Sarno

As TikTok creator @kellyrosesarno shows in the viral video above, the  Subtl BeautyStack completely has your back with a layer for every step of your makeup routine. Whether you’re spending a night out on the town with your friends or running errands, you can achieve both glam and natural looks with the Subtl Beauty Stack. And since it’s ultra-compact, you can carry your Stack with you everywhere!

Subtl Beauty’s founder, Rachel Reid, designed the Stack to give your vanity a healthy dose of sanity by taking multi-functional beauty products and designing them to fit your lifestyle needs. The Subtl Beauty Stack is fully customizable, but if you’re overwhelmed by choice or simply running low on time, we also offerPremade Stacks full of all your makeup essentials. So tell us – which hack are you going to try with your Subtl Beauty Stack?


Image showing Subtl Beauty's travel makeup stak coming apart


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