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trying on every lip and cheek shade

welcome everyone! today, we're embarking on a colorful journey as I put the revamped stack 2.0 lip and cheeks to the test. this is a first for me – dedicating time to try out all the lip and cheek shades and sharing the results. if you're curious about the latest additions to our lip and cheek collection, then stay tuned for a deep dive. 

the subtl stak 2.0

before we dive into the shades, let's get acquainted with the subtl stak 2.0. this versatile, stackable makeup isn't just travel-friendly; it's also clean, cruelty-free, and vegan. we've gone the extra mile with reformulations and introduced exciting new features. the lip and cheek range, too, has undergone enhancements, promising better staying power and added hydration.

exploring the new shades

our lineup features four captivating shades, each designed to elevate your look. let's delve into each shade, from swatching to application, to truly experience their charm.

mauve in the maldives

first up is mauve, a beloved favorite from the 1.0 lineup. now called mauve in the maldives, this shade makes a triumphant return, boasting improved staying power and a new level of hydration. a swatch showcases its classic mauve hue, promising a natural and versatile look.

application is a breeze with mauve in the maldives. a gentle dab on the cheeks and lips reveals a charming, pinky glow. the enhanced formula ensures a lasting finish, making it a go-to choice for an effortlessly elegant appearance.

terracotta tour guide

now, let's explore terracotta tour guide, a revitalized version of the dusty rose shade. this hue takes a slightly warmer, coral-infused twist, perfect for those seeking a touch of warmth and sophistication.

when applied, it effortlessly adds warmth to the cheeks, enhancing your natural radiance. it looks incredible on the lips, too, creating a harmonious and delightful look. (i think this one is my new favorite!)

hibiscus highway

our next destination is the vibrant and playful hibiscus highway. with its bright pink hue, this shade offers a pop of color that's perfect for the summer season. swatching it reveals its cheerful character, evoking a sense of excitement.

upon application, hibiscus highway proves to be a natural but joyful choice. it adds a youthful, rosy flush to the cheeks, instantly brightening up your complexion. and the lips? they don't miss out on the fun – a dash of this shade adds a captivating pink to your pout.

passport to plum

our last stop is the return of a classic: plum, now called passport to plum. while the shade might be familiar, the formula has evolved to offer a new and improved experience. the swatch showcases its purple undertones, offering an exciting pop of color.

when it comes to application, passport to plum is surprisingly wearable and complements a variety of skin tones. a little goes a long way, and blending is effortless. the result is a stunning flush of plum that adds a touch of sophistication to your cheeks and lips.

final thoughts

having explored each shade from swatch to application, it's evident that subtl beauty's lip and cheek collection has received a remarkable upgrade. the reformulated formulas, improved staying power, and versatile shades have certainly caught my attention.

and there you have it, a comprehensive review of subtl beauty's enhanced lip and cheek shades.these shades are a true reflection of our commitment to enhancing your makeup routine. if you're as intrigued as i am about these shades, i encourage you to explore them in our customizable subtl stak 2.0. share your favorite shade in the comments below – your choice might even inspire my next video. until next time!

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