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trying on the new cream highlighters!

keira's FAVORITE subtl product is back and better than ever!! unbox and try the new cream highlighters in rosé and champagne to see what's changed! *hint* they're even better than before...

unboxing and trying the new cream highlighters

hey lovelies! today, i've got something super exciting to share with you: subtl's brand-new cream highlighters! these are a new & improved revival from subtl's 1.0 collection, and i can't contain my excitement.

subtl used to have an amazing cream highlighter duo that i absolutely adored. now, they've brought them back as individual shades: champagne and rosé. let's dive right into unboxing and testing them out.

first impressions

when you open the box, you'll notice it's clearly labeled "cream highlighter" to avoid any mix-ups with your powder highlighter. it's a thoughtful touch.

now, let's move on to my personal favorite—rosé. it's like a combination of blush and highlighter, delivering a beautiful shimmer.


before we apply them, let's do some swatching. these creams are incredibly smooth, gliding on effortlessly and blending seamlessly to create a natural, radiant look.

the try-on

now, onto the exciting part—the application! currently, i only have concealer and lip and cheek on my face. first, let's try the champagne shade. it's perfect, giving a radiant, golden glow. i'm even going to apply some on my eyelids.

now, for my favorite—rosé. let's see if it's as amazing as i remember. can you believe it? it's back! i'll also add a touch to my nose. a quick swipe on its own gives a lovely pinky shimmer—a true multitasker.

final thoughts

between the two, i lean towards rosé for its pinky shimmer. however, champagne is equally fantastic for a subtl look or pairing with blush. these highlighters are simply stunning and effortless.

now, it's your turn: are you team rosé or team champagne? i'm a highlighter enthusiast, and i just can't get enough. thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe to catch our sunday videos. until next time, take care and stay fabulous!

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Cream Highlighter

a natural, effortless glow in a cream formula you'll fall in love with.


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