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Are your products vegan? Ethically Sourced? Cruelty-free?

Great question!

Right now, our powders (bronzer, highlighter and shine control powders) are all vegan-friendly. We are working to bring you vegan-friendly concealer and lip+cheek but truth be told, the vegan formulations sucked so we wanted to spend more time on them before rolling them out. The only non-vegan ingredient being used in the LC and Concealer is LanolinĀ Alcohol.

Our formulations are all produced in the US to allow greater control over the sourcing and development and as far as cruelty-free, we would never hurt any fur-babiesĀ šŸ°

Still curious about our formulations? Check out a full list of our ingredients.

Can I build more than 1 stack?

Sure! If you would like to build more than one stack, just place your order and then send an email to hello@subtlbeauty.com and tell our team how many stacks you would like and how you would like them to be assembled.Ā 

What if I want 2 of the same product in my stack?

You can adjust the quantity of a product on the cart page and product page if you'd like to double up on a single item.

What happens with pre-order products?

Payment is charged immediately at checkout not when preorder item is shipped.

The preorder date is an approximation based on our vendor communication. We will update product details with any new information regarding ship dates as we receiveĀ them, and will send out communication for any major delays.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states in the US, as well as other countries around the world*

*We don't ship to the UK, Germany, China, India, Singapore, Vietnam or UAE.

We are working on bringing SubtlĀ Beauty everywhere around the world. Tag us @subtlbeauty and let us know where you live!

What are your Shipping Options and Prices?

Standard Domestic (5-9 business days): $3.97*
*Standard Shipping is free when you spend $55 or more.

Canada (7-10 business days): $6
*Standard Shipping is free when you spend $85 or more.

International (10-14 business days): $9
*Standard Shipping is free when you spend $85 or more.

Please allow 3-4 business days for us to receive andĀ process your order (business days do not include weekends or holidays). If you are concerned about your stack arriving on time, feel free to get in contact with us and we will do our best to prioritize your order during processing.

Your prices seem expensive for a "travel-size" company, what's the deal?

Our packaging may be optimized for on-the-go, but this ain't your momma's typical TSA-brand.Ā 

Size Augmentation and the Reality

Fun Fact: We provide more makeup in our Lip + Cheek and Concealer layers than most "Full-Sized" makeup being offered online and at stores like Sephora and Ulta. Full-Size can range anywhere from 2.6g to 5g, and we are offering 3.5g in our solution. Most other cosmetic companies skew their packaging with double-walled jars, and extra wide compact surfaces to make it seem like you're getting a ton of makeup, but more often than not, you are only getting a fraction of what you think you are getting.Ā 

Our packaging may be super compact, but we are certainly not skimping on product :)

Where can I find ingredients?

Full list of ingredients can be found here.

Are your products safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin?

We made sure to only select ingredients that were safe for sensitive skin.

That being said, if you're integrating any new product into your routine, you should do patch testing beforehand. Your skin can be especially susceptible to irritation if your skin isn't used to change aka you've had the same routine for a long time, so if this is the case, it's widely recommended to integrate the product slowly - start with 1-2 days a week and go from there.