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10 personal care camping essentials to pack

e of camping essentials to pair with Subtl Beauty's travel makeup kit. The image shows wipes for women, sunscreen, off bug spray, makeup remover, hand sanitizer and benadyrl.

fall is one of our favorite times of the year to get out and enjoy nature and what better way to do that than to take a camping trip with friends? there’s something so refreshing about roughing it for a weekend and sleeping under the stars, but those of us who still want to look and feel our best will want to pack more than just the basics.

we’re sharing our ultimate personal care checklist that’ll have you prepared for anything on your next camping trip!

#1 bug spray and sunscreen

these might seem like a given, but it’s easy to forget them! always pack a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and a bug spray containing deet because it is proven to be the most effective insect repellent.

we recommend:

pro tip: for extra protection for uv rays and insect bites, wear lightweight pants and a long sleeve shirt to minimize the amount of skin that’s exposed. 

#2 feminine Wipes

let’s be real, no one likes the swampy feeling that can occur down there after a long hike, which is why it’s always a safe bet to bring along some feminine wipes. These are also great for freshening up when you don’t have access to a shower.

we recommend:

#3 wet wipes or hand sanitizer

we’re still in the midst of the covid pandemic, so be sure to continue frequent had sanitizing, especially if you’re camping at a campground. there are plenty of compact wipes and hand sanitizers on the market that will be easy to stash in your backpack. 

we recommend:

#4 benedryl

the wilderness is home to hundreds of plant species that you may not encounter on a daily basis, which means there’s no predicting how your body might react to them. the last thing you want is to let a stuffy nose, rash, or watery eyes ruin your camping trip so pack an antihistamine to treat and prevent them!

we recommend: 

pro tip: if you have seasonal allergies, make sure to pack a regular non-drowsy allergy medicine like allegra or zyrtec. only take benedryl at night, since it’s known to cause drowsiness.

#5 compact makeup

if makeup is a part of your camping experience be sure to pack makeup that makes sense. A Subtl Beauty Stackis the perfect camping companion because it’s small, stackable, and contains all of your daily makeup basics!

pro tip: If you don’t have access to a mirror, just use your phone’s selfie camera!

#6 a quick-drying towel

whether you’re showering or just freshening up a quick-drying reusable towel is absolutely essential. polyester and microfiber tend to be the best quick-drying fabrics! 

we recommend:

#7 shampoo and conditioner bar

if you’re in a location where you’ll have access to a shower during your trip try packing shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bulk bottles. Bars use less plastic, meaning their more eco-friendly and they also save space in your bag!

we recommend:

#8 micellar Water

you’ve probably heard us say this before, but micellar water is the bomb dot com, especially for camping! use micellar water and a quick-drying towel to remove any dirt or makeup from your face in the morning and evening while you’re camping. 

we recommend:

#9 hair ties 

oily roots and messy hair come with the territory of camping. an easy way to prevent a rat’s nest on your head is to keep plenty of hair ties on hand and braid your hair or keep in in a tight bun so it’s out of the way for the day.

we recommend:

pro tip: the subtl beauty shine control powder can double as a makeshift dry shampoo! check out our unexpected uses video for more stack hacks.

#10 your favorite hat

last but not least, you’ll want to pack one of your favorite hats. this could be a ball cap, a bucket hat, a cowboy hat, literally any hat that’s comfortable! a hat will not only protect your face from UV rays, but it will also help reduce the chances of ticks making there way to your scalp. 

one of our faves:

now that you’ve got everything you need for a fun weekend camping trip, check out our adventure bag checklist for those daylong hiking, biking, and exploring adventures!
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