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2021 Best of Bite-Sized Beauty - Part 3

Another year in the books! Every week we strive to share the latest and greatest in makeup tips and trends through our Bite-Sized Beauty blog. Here are a few of the most-loved tutorials and tips from 2021. Sit back, relax, and let's reminisce together!

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How to use the 4-Piece Brush Set

The world of makeup brushes can be overwhelming—there are so many options! We assembled a set with the 4 makeup brushes you need to create any look. Pauline shows us how to use each one in this quick tutorial!

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4-Piece Brush Set
cream concealer
Latte Bronzer
Perfectly Pink Lip + Cheek
Jelly Eyeshadow Duo

How to Blend Eyeshadow Like a Pro

The key to any eyeshadow look? Blending, blending, and more blending. Pauline is sharing all of her eyeshadow blending tips in this tutorial from the order to apply shades, how much pigment to pick up, and which brushes to use!

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Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush
Warm Glow Bronzer
Jelly Eyeshadow Duo
Champagne Highlighter

Tips for Taking your Makeup from Day to Night

During the day (and especially during summer), I like to have a more natural makeup look for two reasons: if I'm going to sweaty, I don't want to feel like my pores are clogged and greasy, and also because masks are still (sort of) a thing. However, when it comes to a night on the town, we all want to get dolled up, right? If you're like me and feel crunched for time in between plans, don't freak out! I have a tip or two (or three) for how to take your look from day to night with limited time and effort. You'll be sure to turn heads no matter where the day (and night) takes you.

Image Of A Subtl beauty Customer

Start with a simple, glowy summer look that you can add to later

This weekend in particular was a busy one for me, with lots of outdoor activities during the day, and dinner and drinks at night in the city. I knew I had limited time in between, so I opted for a simple yet glowy look that could be easily tweaked for my nighttime plans.

The best products to take you through your day:

  • Perfectly Pink Lip + Cheek Apply as both a lip shade and a blush — this will give you the perfect rosy look!
  • Concealer — Apply to your under eye area, as well as any blemishes or areas that you feel need coverage. If you don't feel like wearing a full face of foundation throughout the day, don't do it. Plus, it's important to give your skin a break and let it breathe from time-to-time.
  • Warm Glow Bronzer — If you're just starting to get some sun on your skin but not quite at that shade of tan you love, this will be your bff through summer to fake that bake.
  • I brighten up the corners of my eyes with either the Champagne Highlighter or the lighter shade in the Jelly Eyeshadow Duo to make my eyes pop while still looking natural!
  • Add a light touch of mascara to lengthen your lashes while maintaining a naturally long look. 

Pro Tip: The Coral Lip + Cheek is also a great pop of color for summer. This shade creates a sunkissed look that we're obsessed with. 

Image Of A Subtl Beauty Stackable Makeup Customer

Start the evening with some simple touch-ups and a slightly bolder lip and cheek

As I rushed home to get ready for my evening plans, I needed some serious touch-ups to not only look fresh-faced, but add a little more drama to my look. I went with an oversized blazer look which pairs nicely with more minimal makeup, and got to prepping! 

The best products to take you through your night: 

  • Touch up Concealer, or apply it all over the face to create a light coverage skin tint.
  • Shine Control Powder — Dust away excess oil and set your concealer in place for the night.
  • Mauve Lip + Cheek Apply as both a lip shade and a blush — this will give you a darker pink tone. I also like to use Dusty Rose to give a more neutral tone.
  • Reapply bronzer to add some dimension and shadows to the face.
  • Top off the look with some Highlighter. Dust it over cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupids bow for some extra glow.

Pro Tip: If you have a little extra time on your hands, bring some attention to those pretty eyes of yours! Try a cat eye or a smokey eye with the Dune Duo, or add a layer of shimmer on the lids with the Nectar Duo.

Love these day-to-night makeup looks? We've got more of 'em! Check out Niara's day-to-night makeup tutorial on our YouTube channel!
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