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3 Easy Every Day Fall Makeup Looks

Hello beautiful! Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air? We sure can! These 3 looks were inspired by the warm tones of fall and are perfect for wearing every day. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Products Used: 

Plum Lip and Cheek
Dusty Rose Lip and Cheek


Hi friends, it's Courtney with Subtl Beauty and today we are talking fall makeup. How is it already fall? We’re gonna do some dark lips, a fun eye… basically makeup to wear with your pumpkin spice coffee. Do people still even get that? 

One of my favorite fall looks is to take the Plum Lip and Cheek and actually use it as an eyeliner. All you need is a small angled brush… Ta da! To make it even more dramatic, you can take the Plum stain again, put a little bit on your finger and just dab it in the crease for a little extra pop of color. You only need a very small amount, right there, for a pop of color. Sometimes then I will blend it out with a clean finger, maybe take a little off if it's too much. Fall makeup! I'm ready for it!

Another great fall makeup look is to use the Plum Lip and Cheek as lip liner. For me, this is going back to the nineties where we wore dark plum lip liner and a lighter shade lipstick. Alanis Morissette, people. Yes! 

I just have a little lip brush, put it in the plum… and now I will use our Dusty Rose color. It looks great when you use it with the Plum as a lip liner. I always think the fall is a great time for a really dark lip. I've already used the plum as a lip liner and now I'm just gonna add it on top and do a darker color lip. I have a mirror right here, that's why I'm looking that way. So this is the Plum lip on top of the Dusty Rose color. And you can see that it's a nice dark color. I love to pair the plum with a lighter color like the dusty rose and it ends up looking really terrific. Happy fall friends! I hope it brings you a lot of happiness and light.

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