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3 Makeup Looks For Every Occasion


Hey guys! Welcome back to another video. My name is Niara Alexis. And today I'm going to be showing you three different makeup looks and how you can wear your blush three different ways for some different occasions. So, let's get into it.



Image of Niara's day to day look with simple Subtl Beauty's "pink in a pinch" blush


My first look here is a day to day. Look, I really like this type of look. It's a little bit more glowy, but I like that look for the summertime, because I don't like to look dull 

I mean, you don't want to look dull out here, girl.

No, that's not the bees knees. I like a little bit more of a glowy look. And so, to go along with that, for day to day, I do like something that's a little bit more muted and tone, a little bit more tone down, but it's still going to give me a little pop of color.

So, I like Daytrip at dawn. I'm just going to pat this on my cheeks. Remember with your powder, you want to put that on after you've applied your setting powder. So, with a powder blush, you're going to wait and put this on, not put it on with all of your wet products.

Usually you guys will see me drag my blush all the way up to my temples. For daytime, I do apply it more so on the apples of my cheeks. And I do bring it up to my cheekbones, but it is more so on the apples of my cheeks, just because I'm not... You know, you want to look snatched, but I'm not trying to look as snatched for day to day.

I tone it down a little bit. So that's the type of blush I will apply just for every day. Again, that was Daytrip at dawn, the powder blush, and I apply it more so to the apples of my cheek. Now keep in mind too, where you apply your makeup is going to change sort of the illusion of the structure of your face. You might want to always snatch your face back. Go ahead. Do what you want. For me, I feel for daytime, I want to bring it down a little bit more, have it a little bit more flushed on my cheeks.


An image of Niara's second look for a girls night out achieved with Subtl Beauty's stackable makeup.

Okay. So we have our second look. So this is something I would wear out on girls night. A little glittery lid, a little bit of a smokey eye, and nice neutral lip. And, because I have all these neutrals down, I would like something that is going to be a little bit more flirty and cute.

So I'm going to use Pink in and a Pinch, and this is a brighter pink. Don't want to be too heavy handed, so I'm not going to apply this as much on the apple of my cheeks. I'm going to drag it up like how you guys usually see me wear it up to my temples. But I just think this little pop of color is just going to add a little bit of little flirtiness, little cuteness to your look. You're out with your girls or whatever.

Like I said, I have a lot of neutrals on. I want to make sure that I have something that'll add a little pop of color to the face. I'm all for a monotone look, but not on the face. I don't like monotone on my face. And I'm just going to pat that out. And yeah, so this is our second look. This is a perfect shade if you're trying to add a pop of something to your makeup. If you're that girl that has neutral everything, you have all the neutral eyeshadow palettes, all the nude lipsticks, you might want to add a little pop of color with your blush and Pink in a Pinch, I think is really nice.


An image of Niara's soft glam for special occasions achieved with Subtl Beauty's travel makeup kit

Okay. So for our last look here, this is more of a soft glam type of look, so your eyes are more done up. You are carving out all the cheekbones and everything, girl. And so you want to add a blush on there that's really just going to blend in, but still have its own little moment to shine.

So, the shade I like to use for this is Blossom Bound. I really like the shade. I feel like it's such a pretty shade, especially for brown skinned girls. If you're looking for something that's mauvy, that's not going to show up ashy on you, this is a shade. So I'm just going to pick up a liberal amount because when I'm doing soft glam type of looks, I do kind of like my blush to pop a little bit more. I'm picking up a generous amount. I'm taking it up to my temples as I usually would.

And this shade also compliments the sparkly eyeshadow that I have going on here. So, it's a win-win situation. Just to make sure everything blends out, I feel like whatever you're using to apply setting powder, so whether that be a brush, a sponge or a puff like I'm using, I feel like it's just key to just go over your blush. It probably will have a little bit of setting powder, but that's just going to help it blend in and mesh in with the look that you have going here versus just kind of sitting on top of it and not really blending in.

Whether you might be going to a wedding, or whatever type of event, like something where you're just doing a nice soft glam type of look, that's how I would apply my blush for that particular occasion. I hope that was helpful for you guys.

Again, my name is Niara Alexis. You can find me by that handle here on YouTube, as well as Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. If you need help with any other makeup products or how to apply things, be sure to check out the rest of Subtl's videos. We have a lot of beginner friendly tutorials here for you guys. Thank you guys for watching, and we will be back next time.

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