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3 Unexpected Uses For Your Concealer

We're back with another "unexpected uses" series, this time from Pauline. 

You're going to love using these super-simple (and helpful) concealer hacks every day.

Follow along with Pauline Zilch, certified MUA!


Hey there, Pauline from Zilch Beauty here, certified Makeup Artist, and today I'm gonna be showing you three really easy concealer tricks that you might not know. If you have a concealer in your bag. It can probably do more than you think. If you're interested, definitely keep watching.
Use your Concealer as a Tinted Moisturizer
My first trick is that you can actually use your concealer to create a tinted moisturizer. That way you don't need to bring foundation with you if you have limited bag space. This is such a good trick. I use it a lot, especially when I'm traveling. So all you'll need is a simple moisturizer. I like to use the CeraVe facial moisturizing lotion, the ultra lightweight, and then I use subtl stak's Garfield (008W) Concealer and I mix them together.  I will show you how I apply it.
And just like that you have some facial coverage without having to lather on too much foundation, which I absolutely love. This feels really lightweight, easy, and I can layer, which is also my favorite thing.
Use your Concealer as an Eye Primer
Now, I'm gonna go in with the shade Arlington (005C) and use it under my eyes — which we all know how to do.
I like to just do a little bit of a faux triangle where I do a little bit right in the crease that I definitely have some shadowing in. And then I like to do a little bit toward the top of the corner of the outer end of my eyelid and just pattern with your finger. But my trick is that instead of trying to wipe off any excess onto a paper towel or just a bathroom towel, use that and bring it onto your eyelid. This is going to be a natural eyeshadow primer. As soon as it sets on your skin, it will help blacken any eye color that sits right on top of it. And that way you don't need to go buy an extra eye primer. Your concealer can do all of it. Now — I'm gonna go ahead and throw some shade on my lids and you'll see how well it sets.
You can also use that concealer to clean up your eyeshadow. For example —this is a little bit on the edge here, so I will use a finger that I didn't use before and just kind of go and start to erase any lines that I don't want there. I'm gonna throw on some blush and I'll finish off with my last trick.
Use your Concealer to clean up your eyebrows
My last trick is to use concealer to help shape your brows after you're done grooming them. So I'm gonna do a quick little brow groom. I'm gonna purposefully go outside of the line and show you how you can use that concealer to clean it up super fast. Obviously I have some slip ups here, but I'm gonna take my pinky finger again and you can easily go ahead and kind of create the shape that you want. It's kind of like hacking the eyebrow. And I want just be a little more angled down. So there I go. You can also put a little bit on the underneath side to shape the under part of your eyebrow. And again, clean up any eyeshadow that might have come out. Now,  I'm gonna throw on some mascara and this look will be done.
And just like that!  You can hack your makeup bag by minimizing your products using just concealer for foundation, a mini tinted moisturizer, an eyelid primer as well as a brow groomer.
Those are my concealer tricks and I hope that you enjoyed and we'll be back with more video soon. Bye everyone.
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