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4 Easy Everyday Eyeshadow Looks

When you find yourself in a pinch and don’t have time to get ready, eyeshadow tends to be the first product to get cut. While there are eyeshadow looks that are complicated and take time, there are plenty of easy looks too. Like, swipe on in 30 seconds easy.

Niara shows that all you need is 1 Eyeshadow Duo and you’ve got multiple looks at your fingertips. Check out 4 of her go-to looks in this quick tutorial!

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Today, I'm gonna be showing you four different ways that you can wear these shades. I am so excited to use these. They also have a really nice dual ended brush, which is chef's kiss perfection. I really like it.

So I'm using the smaller side to just place the matte shade and the dune duo and my crease. It has a really good pigment you guys, and I love a deep chocolatey brown in my crease. And then I'm just gonna blend this out. And this is just gonna be the first look where it's just like a really nice blended little smokey subtle eye.

Then I'm taking the shimmery side of the dune duo, and I'm just gonna place that all over my lid. I especially like wearing looks like this in the summertime, just a quick one shadow, super shimmery, pretty look. And this can be easily done with your fingers. You don't even need a brush for that, and you still get such nice color payoff. I'm really impressed with these shadows.

Now I'm gonna be adding the matte shade in dune on the crease for this shimmery eye to give it a little dimension, give it a little depth. If you wanna do a little extra, you can add this on for a really cute, simple, elevated look, if you will. And then I'm gonna add the shimmer all over my lid from the dune duo again, and just make sure I'm really blending that out. Add it a little bit more of the matte shade in my crease as well.

Now I'm gonna be using the highlight and champagne, and I'm just gonna put that on the inner corner. And this is gonna be the fourth and final look. So I'm just adding a little bit extra here in the inner corner, just a little extra something, something, and I'm also adding the shimmery shade from the nectar duo all over my lid. Just to give it a little bit more of a golden touch to my look and that is it! You guys, I am so impressed with these shadows. You should definitely check them out. You will really love them.

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