The 5-Minute Minimal Makeup Look

September 07, 2022 3 min read

Pauline from Zilch Beauty here again. I'm a certified makeup artist based in New York City, with the perfect 5 minute makeup routine.

Lately, with masks, I've been wearing super minimal makeup. A full face just has not been my vibe these days.

And I'm sure it hasn't been for a lot of people, but with summer coming to an end, I know a lot of people are getting out and about way more than they have over the last few months.

So I wanted to show you a really quick and easy way to just spruce up your face before you get out the door using the Subtl Beauty stacks

The 5-Minute Minimal Makeup Look

This is gonna be a super minimal makeup look for the person on the go who wants to look put together without overdoing it.

The first step is always skin protection. If you're not wearing SPF as your last step in your skincare routine, I recommend getting some sort of BB or CC cream that has SPF in it.

So I'm just going to apply that quickly to my face as my base using my beauty blender, and then we'll get into the stacks.

So now that I have that base going, I'm just gonna go in with a tad bit of their concealer.

I am using the shade Arlington for under the eyes. I'm gonna pick up that beauty blender again, just put up a little bit under the eyes.

You can apply this with your finger or the blender.

I like beauty blenders right now, as it helps me go for really seamless applications.

So my skin is done. That's it. I'm gonna go in with the lip and cheek color, perfectly pink. This is a cream product. You can just warm it up with your hands. I like to use my middle finger to pick it up and I like to just smile, put it right on the tops of the cheeks and up the cheekbone.

You can see it's super light and fresh. I always like to throw a little on my nose cuz the sun usually hits there as well as the top of your face.

Now this isn't a bronzer, but this is giving you a pop of color and you're already looking a little bit more alive, again, it's Subtl Beauty's Lip and Cheek.

You can go in and also use it on your lips.

Once you have that face done, you can go in with the shine control powder. I like to pick that also up on the beauty blend just to set that under eye area.

And then I like to just put it around where I might get a little sweaty. I sweat on my lip all the time as well and after this I'm feeling pretty fresh and good for the last step.

This can definitely just be an optional last step, but I like to take their Highlighter and put that right on the top of my cheekbone.

I like the tiniest bit of glow. You can always put a little bit on the inside of your eyes just to spice it up. But again, this is so minimal. Like, I'm probably not gonna do much more than this tiny glow below my eyes and on my brows, and just like that. 

I have a super fresh, easy covered look in less than 5 minutes. This is perfect for a bike ride, a walk, or grabbing a quick bite or drink with friends.

So you can definitely achieve this in minimal time with minimal effort, but still feel and look your best. So I hope everyone's having a lovely, safe summer and definitely check out subtle stats to make it that much better. Bye guys! 

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