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    5 Packing Tips From your Favorite Travel Bloggers

    July 03, 2018 3 min read

    packing tips from travel bloggers

    Summer is finally here which means it’s officially vacation season!

    It's the night before and you need to pack. You could just throw a bunch of stuff into a bag and call it a day, orrrrr you can use our 5 favorite tips for effortless packing. With a little help from our favorite bloggers you’ll be packed and ready to go in no time.


    brighton keller one pair packing tip
    Image credit: brightontheday.com

    "Think one pair of leggings, one pair of jeans, one pair of tennis shoes, etc. You don’t want to end up throwing three pairs of sandals in your bag and only wearing one!" Brighton Keller from brightontheday.com uses this tip to travel light.

    You can also follow a packing list so you know exactly what items you’ll need for the location, weather, and time of year your trip is! Try out one of Alyson Haley’s awesome packing lists. 


    Caroline Lately loves aquaphor for dual-purpose multi-purpose beauty product
    Photo credit: carolinelately.com

    The majority of the time beauty products add the most weight to my bag so this is where I need to see the most improvement. By choosing multi-purpose beauty products you can pare down your bag drastically.

    Brighton’s skincare favorite? Auquaphor moisturizer for face, eye, and lip hydration. 

    But what about makeup!? 

    We gotchu.

    Swap your entire makeup bag for a Subtl Beauty Stack. 5 full-size products in a customizable, TSA-Friendly makeup stack. The stack is super lightweight and will guarantee to save you at least 20% of bag space and weight! 

    3. EITHER-OR

    packing tips - picking and choosing which items to take with you

    Now it’s time for some tough decisions.

    I promise you’ll thank me for it when you aren’t lugging around a 50-pound suitcase. I know it can be hard to decide between your curling iron and your straightener but you can do it! Whichever one you use the most is the one you should take. Leave the other behind.

    I have packed many carry-on suitcases in my time, trust me on this.

    The Either-Or method will also help you stick to the “one pair rule” 👆 so decide what jacket you want and hang the alternative back up. Try and use this method for the following:

    1. Shoes
    2. Dresses
    3. Pants
    4. Skirts

    You'll find that you'll eliminate a lot of unnecessary baggage (pun intended.) 



    alyson haley talks about her china doll packing trick
    Image credit: alysonhaley.com

    We are all guilty of stuffing our suitcase to the brim and then buying MORE stuff on vacation and having no room to pack it.

    Withthe China Dolltrick your problems are solved.

    The China Doll trick is where you layer three purses within each other in your carry on. That way you'll have an extra bag for all those souvenirs when you come home. Alyson Haley does a great job showing you how to perfect this trick over on her blog. 

    We also think this can be applied to other items you're packing, like putting your socks inside your shoes, filling your hats with rolled up T-shirts, or throw a pair of shorts in your makeup bag now that you have all that extra space! 

    Hopefully these packing tips can help make your life a little bit easier and your travel a little bit lighter!

    Now that the hard part is out of the way, we hope you have a fantastic trip!! And don’t forget to check back when the Subtl Beauty Stack launches for your next vacay!

    Wanna read more travel tips? Check out Everything You Need To Know About The Best Travel Makeup!

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