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5 Reasons Subtl Beauty Is The Best Option For Travel Makeup

5 Reasons Subtl Beauty Is The Best Option For Travel Makeup

Have you ever experienced the power of an excellent on-the-go makeup kit?  You know – the ones that can accompany you anywhere because they’re so light and portable while offering the convenience of applying your makeup in the most inconvenient places. But where do you find one of these mystical, game-changing travel makeup kits? 

At Subtl Beauty, our primary focus is keeping your travel makeup routine as simple and accessible as possible. This means that whether you’re packing a carry-on for Europe or hitting up the ultra-tropical Bahamas, our Subtl Stack is perfect for any and every look under the sun (or rain clouds for you European vacationers). And it’s super compact for easy travel. 

Want to know the nitty-gritty details of what sets the travel-friendly Subtl Beauty Stack apart from other makeup kits? Here are five reasons the innovative Subtl Beauty Stack will revolutionize the way you use makeup while traveling (and at home; busy moms, we were created for you, too!):

All Subtl Beauty Products Are Lightweight, Stackable, and TSA-Friendly

Travel Make up stack over a linen cloth

If you’ve ever taken a plane to your vacation destination then you’re probably aware that going through TSA with makeup – or anything for that matter – is a pain. At TSA, you can have makeup in a solid/powder form with no limitations, but if you’re a liquid/creamy makeup gal, then it has to be in containers that are 3.4 ounces or less. Luckily, Subtl Beauty products are ultra-TSA-friendly, especially when paired with the Subtl Clear Cosmetic Bag

With the Subtl Stack, each step in your makeup routine is innovatively created as a lightweight layer to make traveling with makeup (and getting through TSA) a piece of cake. It’s also perfect to use every day and not just as travel makeup. Want to build a stack and enjoy the portability of Subtl Beauty on your next trip? Take the quiz to find the products perfect for you and your skin, or you can check out these premade stacks!

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Each Subtl Beauty Stack Can Last You Three Months of Daily Use

Black bag with phone sunglasses and makeup

If you’re like the majority of travelers, you have makeup set aside that’s only used when you’re adventuring. But, since your travel makeup products aren’t applied often, they can expire, causing them to change color and oxidize. Thankfully, Subtl Beauty has you covered with the perfect travel beauty kit that can be used every day! The small but mighty Subtl Beauty Stack comes with 3.5g of formula in each layer, which is enough for three months of daily use.

Something every Subtl Stack needs is the Subtl Beauty Lipbalm; it’s formulated with ingredients like shea butter for intense hydration (and it comes in three decadent flavors). The Subtl Beauty Cream Concealer and Bronzer are two more must-haves. Our concealer can be used for lightweight coverage or as a skin tint, while our bronzer will add the sculpted cherry on top of any look. 

Looking to grab some travel-friendly makeup accessories that’ll last for years to come? The Subtl Beauty Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush is designed to cover all your eyeshadow needs without taking up much space in your bag. One side has a densely-packed brush that’s perfect to apply your eyeshadow, while the other angled side is meant for blending. You can also snag our Subtl Beauty 4-Piece Brush Set which is adorably mini and sleek. 

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Subtl Beauty Adores Multi-Functional Products

Portable Makeup stack pots and brushes

When it comes to traveling and makeup, Subtl Beauty knows that multi-use products are basically the equivalent of gold (or getting the window seat on the plane). To save some time during your makeup routine while still looking on-trend, opt for good-quality multi-use products like the Subtl Beauty Lip & Cheek Rouge. It’s perfectly formulated to give both your lips and cheeks a healthy glow with just a few finger taps.

The Subtl Beauty Highlighter is another multi-use game changer. Highlighter – arguably one of the most fun makeup steps – is the key to getting that popular lit-from-within look. While applying a highlighter to your cheekbones is probably your norm, try adding a small dab under your eyebrows, in the corner of your eyes, and even on your eyelids. This will help to brighten and open your eyes while masking the fatigue you may experience after a long flight.

In need of an awesome brush that has all your makeup bases covered while traveling? The Subtl Beauty Stack Brush BFF is an adjustable, multi-use brush that’s perfect for precision use and all-over face application. In addition to being a multi-functional savior, the Stack Brush BFF also comes with a lid so it won’t be rolling around your carry-on bag or purse getting all gross. And the Stack Brush BFF is free with every purchase!

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Subtl Beauty Knows the Power of Good Makeup Ingredients

Travel Makeup stack with skin loving ingredients

Subtl Beauty products are cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. We also only use good–for–you makeup ingredients that’ll keep you looking and feeling flawless 24/7. The Subtl Beauty Shine Control Pressed Powder, for example, contains squalane – a natural component of your skin – to help protect your skin and lock your makeup in place. 

The Subtl Beauty Eyeshadow Duos are also filled with excellent ingredients like hyalyronic acid, chamomile extract, and vitamin E. Plus, they come in nine different pans of complimentary duo tones. Our Subtl Beauty Powder Matte Blush – another clean queen – features niacinamide (AKA vitamin B3) that’s known to smooth your skin. 

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Subtl Beauty Makes Customizing Your Travel Makeup Routine Easier Than Ever

Makeup stack

Subtl Beauty has reimagined the way you apply and store your makeup with our revolutionary Subtl Beauty Stack. Each Stack is fully customized by you, which means that your Stack will only include products you need and none that you don’t. 

And, with our stackable makeup, you’ll never have to sift through your travel makeup products again, meaning more time to actually apply your makeup. So whether you’re a busy mom or about to board a flight, our Subtl Stack will solve all your makeup woes. 

Want to enjoy the portability of Subtl Beauty? Take the quiz to find the products perfect for you. Need a quick beauty fix before traveling? You can grab one of these premade stacks. Either way, happy traveling, and remember: the Subtl Beauty Stack always has your back. 

Tell us – how has the Subtl Beauty Stack revolutionized the way you use makeup while traveling?

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