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Achieve a Simple Natural Glow Using the Intro Set

Welcome back to another Subtl Beauty tutorial! My name is Pauline Zilch, a certified makeup artist and the creator behind Zilch Beauty. Today, I'm excited to introduce you to the new Intro Set from Subtl Beauty. It consists of three of their hero products that are great for everyday use, and I personally use these all the time. The set includes:

To create a natural everyday look, you will start with a clean face and, if you'd like, some tinted moisturizer, foundation, and/or concealer. Follow these steps to achieve the look:

Step 1: Lip and Cheek

Begin by using the cream Lip and Cheek in the shade Mauve. The Subtl Lip and Cheeks are very buildable and can be used on both your lips and cheeks. It's a neutral pink, not too warm or cool, and that's what makes it work well on different complexions.


  • Use the warmth of your fingers to build up the product for a more intense color.

Step 2: Shine Control Powder

Next, use the Universal Shine Control Powder, which you'll apply with the Subtl Stack Brush BFF. You'll focus on the T-zone to take away any shine and set the more liquid products that you've already applied.

Tips & tricks:

  • The Subtl Stack Brush BFF is an awesome brush that can be used both fluffily and densely depending on your preference, so adjust the brush density to your liking.
  • Leave dewy-ness on the high points of your face and on your nose for a natural highlighted glow.

Step 3: Crush Eyeshadow Duo

Lastly, you'll be using the Crush Eyeshadow Duo and the Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush. Crush is one of Subtl's most popular shades and is a beautiful natural mauve-y, purplely pink. With this eyeshadow duo, you can create a variety of looks, from subtl to dramatic.

Using the pointed end of the Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush, apply the matte side of theCrush Eyeshadow Duo to your crease.

Then, using the rounded end of the Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush, apply the shimmer side of the eyeshadow on the center of the lid and blend outwards for a subtle touch of sparkle.

Tips and tricks:

  • You can layer and build the intensity to your liking, this eyeshadow has a great color payoff and it's easy to blend out.
  • Clean your brush with Subtl's Dry Brush Cleaner for a more precise application.

That's it!

The Subtl Intro Set is a must-have for anyone looking for everyday makeup staples that are easy to use and versatile. It includes three products that are perfect for creating a natural everyday look, and with the help of these tips and tricks, you'll be able to achieve it with ease. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy using these products as much as I do!

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