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All You Need To Simplify Your Makeup Routine (Must See 5-in-1 Makeup Stack!)

Niara is back with a look into one of our basic products... THE STARTER STACK!

Product Used: 
Starter Stack


Hi everyone! My name is Niara Alexis. Today, I'm going to share with you my Subtl makeup look using the Subtl Beauty Starter Stack.

This product is great for both beginners and more advanced makeup users. I'll show you how I use it to achieve my go-to subtl look. Keep in mind that my definition of subtl may not be the same as others.

The Starter Stack includes concealer, lip color, cheek highlighter, bronzer, and shine control. You can adjust the concealer to match your skin tone.

I already have my base makeup on, and I like to use the Ellsworth shade of concealer from the Starter Stack to contour my nose. Before blending out my makeup, I apply a small amount of the concealer to contour my nose. This shade is a good match for me, not too dark or too light. While you can also use it on your cheeks, I prefer to use it specifically for my nose. It gives me a nice chiseled look without appearing heavy or cakey.

Next, I'll be using the Lip and cheek tint in the shade Mauve. Just like before, I'll be applying all of my cream products first and then set it with a setting powder. I'll take some of the cheek tint and apply it on the apples of my cheeks and up towards my temples. This gives my face a lifted appearance rather than just placing it on the apples of my cheeks. After setting my face with a loose powder, I like to go in with a powder bronzer and blush to further set my look.

I'm using the Espresso shade bronzer and applying it over the areas where I contoured. This is a great option for makeup that needs to last all day, especially for pictures or on camera. It's my go-to look when I'm filming because it looks good both in real life and on camera. Although it's not included in the Starter Stack, I want to mention a Subtl product that I love, the Pink and a Pinch Powder Blush. I always add this on top of my cream blush or wear it alone. It has a beautiful color that shows up well on brown skin, which isn't always the case for other blushes I've tried.

This is one of the few blushes, whether in powder or cream form, that gives me the pop I want. I'll be using the ChampagneHighlighter. It's a nice universal shade for most people, but I like to use a small brush to apply it to my nose. I've only been wearing highlighter there lately, but you can put it on your cheekbones, brow bones, or wherever you like. Lastly, I have the shine powder, which I often carry by itself in my bag. It's much smaller than any compact, and the Starter Stack even comes with a small container to keep it in.

This is the final look. I will be carrying the Shine Control Powder with me when I go out. It's a small compact and easy to apply when needed.

If you need help with makeup tutorials or product reviews, be sure to check out the Subtl Beauty's Channel on YouTube. They have a variety of helpful resources. My name is Niara Alexis, and you can find me here on YouTube and on Instagram. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you in the future.

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