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Amy Earnhardt & Friends Reviews Subtl Beauty!

This week, we have the people you know, and some you don't, testing out our makeup stacks. Amy Earnhardt, Jessica Buwick, Carina B, Grace Brinkly


Carina B

I found a new makeup routine and it literally fits in the palm of my hand. In one little stack — we have concealer, lip and cheek, bronzer, eyeshadow, highlighter, and a shine control powder. And at the bottom, a little sponge, you could take it to work, use it for touchups, use it to get ready in the morning.

Grace Brinkly

Hey guys! As you know, I'm always running late and end up carrying half my makeup bag with me everywhere. But now, I've found a solution! I'm trying out Subtl Beauty's makeup stack, which has everything I need and is super portable. I can do my full face using just my finger and their portable brush, which also has a little powder brush. The concealer is at the bottom, so I warm it up with my fingers and apply it where I need it. The lip and cheek color is amazing, giving me a sunburnt kind of blush look.

Next up, I'm using the bronzer, which is a powder, and applying it with the portable brush. There's also a powder blush, which I love and use with the same brush. I even add a little more because I just can't get enough blush! For a final touch, I use my pinky finger to apply a bit of highlighter on my nose. And voila! The finished look takes only two minutes, and I'm giving this makeup stack a 10 out of 10.

Amy Earnhardt

Welcome back! I'm here with Subtle Beauty again, and I'm thrilled to be using their products once more after receiving such positive feedback last time. To begin, I use their concealer to spot treat around my eyes, but I can apply it all over my face because it's buildable. Then, I move on to their cream blushes. I have a few different colors here, but I'm really loving this new one that works great on my lips too. This line is by far the easiest and most approachable makeup I've ever used.

Next, I use their shine control powder and their little beauty brush. Moving on to eyeshadow, I have several options to choose from, but today I'm using 'jelly'. Lastly, I finish up with a little bronzer. That's it! This makeup stack has everything I need for my entire face and it couldn't be simpler.

Jessica Buwick

This is really cool! You can create your own stack by stacking different items together. It would be great for traveling. I decided to use a slightly darker concealer as a cream bronzer. To use it, I unscrewed it and dabbed it everywhere before blending it in. The stack is really handy to use. I also used the highlight shade under my eyebrows and in the inner corner of my eyes. The pink shade is so pretty, I used it on my lips and cheeks. It's subtle, but it looks beautiful. Overall, I'm impressed with this product.

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