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Best Summer Makeup Hacks from a Professional Makeup Artist

The goal is glowy, not greasy.

There’s nothing worse than applying a quick makeup look, only to have it melt off your face the moment you step outside. If sweat and unwanted shine are ruining your looks in record timing, you need to check out these summer makeup hacks.

From dealing with oily eyelids, to easy bronzer tips, Pauline’s go-to Subtl stack hacks will keep you looking fresh during the hottest months of the year. Consider this tutorial your heatwave makeup manual. You’re welcome.

Products used:

Shine Control Powder
Coral Lip & Cheek
Lip Balm
Stack Brush BFF


My Top Summer Makeup Hacks

Welcome, makeup enthusiasts! I'm Pauline, a certified makeup artist, and I'm thrilled to join forces with Subtl today to address some of your burning questions about summer makeup. The Subtl team gathered queries about application techniques and how to make the most of makeup during the warm season. If you're eager to learn some expert tips and apply makeup alongside me, keep reading. Summer can be a sweaty and perspiration-filled time, so many of these questions focus on strategies to tackle those concerns and achieve a flawless look. Let's dive in!

Q: "My eyelids get oily in the summer, but I still love wearing eyeshadow. How can I prevent smudging?"

A: Oily eyelids are a common occurrence, especially if you apply skincare products or sunscreen throughout the day. To combat this, start by gently sweeping a tissue or cotton pad across your eyelids before applying any makeup. This step helps absorb any residual product like sunscreen or tinted moisturizer. Afterward, use Subtl Beauty's shine control powder as a base to combat excess oil. Apply a sheer layer of the powder across your lids with an eyeshadow brush. This will absorb any remaining oil, providing a clean canvas for your eyeshadow. Remember, starting with a gentle sweep and the shine control powder can work wonders in reducing smudging caused by oily lids.

Q: "I'm new to bronzer and unsure where to apply it. Do you have any easy tips for beginners?"

A: Absolutely! The first step is to find your perfect shade match. Subtl offers a shade match tool on their website that can help you determine the ideal bronzer for your skin tone. I recommend using a fluffy brush, like our travel brush, for application. Before applying bronzer, ensure you have already applied your tinted moisturizer, concealer, or any other face coverage products. Then, using the fluffy brush, apply the bronzer in a sweeping motion. Tap off any excess powder on your hand to avoid overpowering the application. The "three" trick is a useful technique for beginners. Visualize a number three and use that as a guide to apply bronzer. Start by sweeping the bronzer along the top of your hairline, mimicking where the sun naturally hits your face. Next, apply bronzer right under your cheekbones, using the dip or U shape on your hairline as a reference point. Finally, create the last part of the "three" by sweeping bronzer along your jawline, underneath the ear, and along the bottom jawline. Once you've established the placement, take your time blending for a seamless finish. Don't forget to blend under the jawline and down the neck for a cohesive look. For those who want to contour, feel free to experiment with additional application areas like the nose or eyes. These easy bronzer tricks will give you a natural and effortless summer glow.

Q: "Which Lip and Cheek shade is a must-have for summer?"

A: While there are several great options, Coral takes the crown as the ultimate summer shade. Don't be intimidated by its poppy color; it looks beautiful on various skin tones. Using your finger, apply Coral on the tops of your cheeks, blending it upward along the cheekbones. This creates a seamless transition from the bronzer to the lip and cheek shade. The Subtl Lip and Cheek products are versatile, allowing you to diffuse the color by using a clean finger if you apply too much. To achieve a hydrated finish on your lips, apply a lip balm before using the Lip and Cheek shade. For an extra sun-kissed touch, dab a bit of the shade on the nose and layer as desired. Coral is the go-to hue for a fresh and vibrant summer look.

Q: "I love highlighter, but I want to avoid looking greasy during the summer. Any tips?"

A: Absolutely! Less is more when it comes to highlighter, especially if you tend to have oilier skin. Opt for a powder highlighter, such as Subtl's powder highlighters, for a radiant yet non-greasy finish. Start by closely examining your face under good lighting and identify the areas that naturally catch the light. Using a small amount of highlighter on a retractable brush, apply it precisely to these points. A light dab in a Nike swoop shape on top of your cheekbones is an excellent starting point. You can also add a touch of highlighter on the tip of your nose, which often catches the light, as well as under the brow bone. Keeping the brush as tight as possible will help achieve precise placement. For a subtle and natural glow, these two key areas are sufficient. You can even apply a tiny amount in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up that area. Powder highlighters are an excellent choice for those concerned about excessive oiliness. They provide a beautifully matte finish with finely milled shimmer, resulting in a natural-looking glow.

I hope you found these expert summer makeup tips helpful! If you enjoyed this Q&A session, be sure to explore our other videos on Subtl's YouTube channel. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button and engage with us through likes and comments. Wishing you a fantastic summer, and stay tuned for more exciting content coming your way. Until next time!

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