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3 best travel makeup brushes according to jet-setters in 2024

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3 Best Travel Makeup Brushes According to Jet-Setters in 2024, Featuring the Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush, the Stak Brush BFF, and 4-Piece Brush Set

3 best travel makeup brushes according to jet-setters in 2024

are you looking for the best travel makeup brushes in 2024? you’re in the right place! traveling can be stressful with all the packing and planning, so the last thing you need are bulky palettes and tons of makeup brushes taking up suitcase space. thankfully, you’ve found yourself here with us, subtl beauty, a travel makeup brand specializing in stakable beauty products and tools

because convenience is key at subtl, we created a whole arsenal of multi-use tools that – according to reviews – are the best travel makeup brushes to have in your carry-on in 2024.

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here are the three best travel makeup brushes (one includes a set of four tools!):

best travel makeup brushes: the subtl beauty 4-piece set

Best Travel Makeup Brushes: The 4-Piece Brush Set by Subtl Beauty

have you ever tried a travel makeup brush set so next-level that it could replace your entire tool collection? meet the subtl beauty 4-piece set, which includes a blush brush (#35), dual-ended eyeshadow brush (#15), powder brush (#45), and a stippling brush for cream products (#20). often hailed as the best travel makeup brushes ever, they feature synthetic, cruelty-free fibers.

check out what else makes subtl’s 4-piece set the best travel makeup brushes on the market:

  • gentle and effective makeup application
  • compact size for easy storage in your luggage 
  • versatile for a full-face application or a minimalist look
  • comes with a convenient (and cute) carrying case


don’t believe us? here are some glowing reviews:

  • "as a frequent traveler, i was looking for a compact and convenient brush set, and this one exceeded my expectations. the brushes are soft, well-made, and of great quality. the carrying case and variety of brush tips make it perfect for full-face makeup, both at home and on the go. it's the best brush set I've ever owned!" - megan 
  • “i was not expecting to prefer these to all of the expensive brushes i’ve accumulated over the last 25 years — but i do! these are such great quality, easy to clean, and perfect to tuck inside a bag for travel or on-the-go application.” - sarah k. 
  • “this brand has the best, most versatile brushes i’ve used. i also love the size, while they are smaller it doesn’t impede their functionality and the case is great.” - sidney p.

best travel makeup brushes: the subtl beauty dual-end eyeshadow brush

Best Travel Makeup Brushes: The Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush by Subtl Beautyin 2016, it was all the rage to have tons of space-eating makeup palettes and brushes, making traveling with your beauty routine a daunting task. today, minimalism and organization are in, which means you don’t need thirty eyeshadow brushes (or more – no judgment here) anymore. with subtl’s dual-end eyeshadow brush, you only need one brush for an entire eye look.

check out what else makes subtl’s dual-end eyeshadow brush one of the best travel makeup brushes on the market:

  • dual-ended for on-the-go ease
  • soft bristles for smooth application
  • designed with caps for cleanliness
  • ultra-compact and space-saving


don’t believe us? here are some radiant reviews:

  • “i adore this brush. it’s perfect for travel or every day. the slanted end is great for applying eyeshadow to the crease. i can apply my whole stak with this and the stak brush bff. it has high quality, soft bristles and can blend high pigmented shadow beautifully.” - stacie e.
  • “seriously love this eyeshadow brush! i love that you can cap it and drop it in your purse. very convenient.” - ashley z.
  • “i love this brush! the only eyeshadow brush you need for travel or every day. it has covers for the brushes on each end that keeps your bag from getting dirty and helps with protecting the brushes.” - becky

best travel makeup brushes: the subtl beauty stak brush bff (you can get it free!)

Best Travel Makeup Brushes: The Stak Brush BFF by Subtl Beauty

did you know you can get one of subtl’s best travel makeup brushes for free? The adjustable, multi-use stak brush bff is perfect for both precision-use and all-over-face application, meaning you only need one brush for all your on-the-go makeup needs. to get the stak brush bff free, you just need to customize a starter stak to match your skin tone and aesthetic. 

check out what else makes subtl’s stak brush bff one of the best travel makeup brushes on the market:

  • adjustable firmness for all of your makeup needs
  • compact and mess-free
  • soft, effective bristles for a smooth application
  • designed with a cap for tool hygiene 
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don’t believe us? here are some stunning reviews:

  • “i am far from a makeup aficionado and have never used makeup brushes. i've been watching the subtl tutorials and have embraced the stak brush bff for my bronzer and shine control staks. i love how you can make the brush fluffy or tight to fit your needs. It also cleans well on the subtl brush cleaner stak.” - bethany b.
  • “this brush is awesome. plus, it collapses into a tube to make it easy to close. very nice!” - joyce c.
  • “i really like this brush. i find it versatile and if i don't have my other brushes, i can use this one for all of them.” - jennifer b.

best travel makeup brushes: keep your tools clean with the subtl beauty dry brush cleaner

Keep the Best Travel Makeup Brushes Clean With the Subtl Beauty Dry Brush Cleaner

if you’ve never tried subtl’s dry makeup brush cleaner because you usually opt for diy makeup brush cleaners or makeup brush cleaner machines, listen up: our dry makeup brush cleaner offers convenience for on-the-go brush cleaning, so you can get your tools spic and span, anywhere. it also allows you to effortlessly switch between products with different hues.

check out a quick demo of the subtl beauty dry brush cleaner:

@subtlbeauty Replying to @familyguyenthusiast we love the dry brush cleaner, especially if you dont like using a ton of different makeup brushes! #drybrushcleaner #makeupbrushhack #subtl #subtlstaks ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

don’t believe us? here are some flawless reviews:

  • “i purchased the starter stak and took it on a cruise. i loved it but realized i needed a way to clean my eyeshadow brushes and stak brush bff. as soon as I got home, i ordered the dry brush cleaner. i love that it comes with refills and is washable.” - bethany b.
  • “genius idea! makes it so easy while traveling or out and about so i can easily switch colors or products!” - marie f.
  • “i can't stress enough how much i love this product! it's a lifesaver, especially when i'm in a rush to put on makeup. let me tell you about a time i was in japan on a bullet train heading to a concert with my friends. we were scrambling to do our makeup, but there was no bathroom to clean our brushes, and our makeup bags had limited options. luckily, i had my dry drush cleaner, and my friends were so grateful. it helped us clean our brushes quickly and finish our makeup just in time for the concert. it's a must-have in my makeup routine, and i can't imagine living without it. i highly recommend it, and i give it a 10/10 rating.” - sophia n. 

use the best travel makeup brushes with our game-changing, ultra-convenient starter stak

Grab the Subtl Beauty Starter Stak Along With the Best Travel Makeup Brushes; It's Convenient, Has Built-In Tools, Is Refillable and Good for the Environment, and Goes Where You Go

want to join over 500+ subtl beauties by grabbing a starter stak to go with some of our best travel makeup brushes? click here to choose your concealer shade, so we know how to curate your starter stak. if you’re unsure what shade, check out our 30-second quiz that’s designed to help you easily navigate subtl’s products. and don’t forget, it comes with a free stak brush bff!

@subtlbeauty the perfect beginner friendly makeup tutorial ✨🤍 #subtlstak #portablemakeup #travelmakeup #travelproducts #tsaapproved #tutorial #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

here are the products featured in our starter stak that make it a must-have for everyone:

  • cream concealer (in the shade of your choice): transformative, versatile, and long-lasting, our cream concealer is a lightweight formula that gives great coverage without any pesky caking. you can choose from nineteen inclusive shades, and if it’s not a perfect match for your skin tone, we’ll replace it for free – no questions asked.
  • lip & cheek (in terracotta tour guide): multifunctional and buildable, our lip & cheek is a creamy 2-in-1 product that’s perfect for achieving a seamless, natural makeup finish. with only a few finger taps, it’s easier than ever to add a dash of color to any look.
  • bonzer (based on the concealer you choose): with our bronzer boasting an ultra-high concentration of pigment, a little goes a long way (this video is a great learning tool for beginners!). it comes in five shades to complement every gorgeous skin tone out there.
  • pressed-powder highlighter (in champagne): highlighter is one of the best steps of any makeup routine, which is why we made ours easy to use, beginner-friendly, and minimalist-approved. the subtl highlighter is versatile, perfect for highlighting and adding a shimmer to any eyeshadow look, and can be built up for a glassy look.
  • shine control pressed powder: our shine control powder is a game-changer as it keeps oil at bay. unlike many other translucent powders, ours is lightweight, cake-free, sets makeup in place, and will last longer than an eight-hour flight or workday. plus, it’s formulated with top-notch, hydrating, and non-comedogenic ingredients like squalane
Grab the Subtl Beauty Starter Stak Along With the Best Travel Makeup Brushes; It Features Cream Concealer, Bronzer, Highlighter, Lip & Cheek, and Shine Control Pressed Powder

before you go, make sure to let us know which of the three best travel makeup brushes you’ll be grabbing for your next trip around the globe.

happy traveling, subtl beauties!

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