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4 Brilliant Ways to Bond With Your Bestie

Best friends bonding during National Bestie Day

We love an excuse to hype up the women in our lives, and since June 8th is National Best Friend’s Day, now’s our chance to celebrate those special friendships we cherish each and every day. 

Whether your bestie is right down the block, a plane ride away, or your roomie, there is nothing quite like girl time. To honor those special ladies in your life, we have compiled some super fun ways to make your bestie(s) feel extra loved no matter the distance you may share right now.

 Throw a bestie barbecue

Throw a bestie barbecue.

 Whether social distancing is still being practiced in your area or not, this is the perfect way to celebrate the ladies in your life while enjoying the outdoors and maintaining some personal space!

  • Pack up some blankets, crank your go-to Spotify playlist, and take a trip to your favorite scenic park
  • Fill up a cooler with your favorite beverages, put up some tiki torches or string lights, and turn your backyard into a cookout extravaganza
  • To make your outing a little more personal, have each lady bring a food of her choice that one of your besties loves. That way, everyone gets a special treat that you all can enjoy!

 Have a girls night in

Have a girls night in.

 Ah yes, the infamous girls night in. Can you ever go wrong with this one? There is nothing quite like the mixture of comfy clothes, comfort food, and your besties. We love this idea because it’s simple, yet you can make it so creative! Some ways to spice up your girls night in:

  • Make it a spa night party
  • Turn it into a movie night
  • Whip out some board games (or drinking games)
  • Try your hand as a chef and turn it into a pizza party
  • Have a craft night with the ladies

From pampering yourself to getting artsy, there are tons of ways to make girls night in- and your bestie- feel special!

 Get dolled up and have a themed dance party 

Get dolled up and have a themed dance party with your besties.

We’re all mourning the loss of our favorite music festivals, concerts, and summer events that have been canceled, so why not bring the party right to you and your besties? From a dressed up cocktail party to a chill dance party, this is the perfect excuse to put on your favorite outfits, slay the makeup game, turn up your favorite music, and whip up your favorite cocktails! After all, girls just want to have fun, right?

 Looking for a killer theme for your party? Check out this list of unique ideas to make your party stand out!

 Host a long-distance happy hour 

Host a long distance happy hour with your bestie.

Distance dragging you and your besties down? Whether you’re committed to a long-distance friendship or social distancing plays a factor, you cannot go wrong with a virtual happy hour! Set up a time for you and your ladies to pour your favorite drinks, lay out some appetizers, and enjoy girl time (and the lack of a bar tab) from the comfort of your homes! Not only does this give you much-needed girl time, but it’s a fun excuse to get a little dolled up like you’re going out, too!

Check out these easy-to-do tips and tricks for a quick happy hour makeup look!

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