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Clean Girl Makeup for Travel - Avoid plane acne!


Today Keira is giving us her clean girl, perfect for travel, minimal makeup look. Follow this makeup tutorial to avoid airplane breakouts and still look your best!

Products used:
Peach sorbet lip balm
Dual eyeshadow brush
4 Piece brush set
Build your own customized Subtl stack


Clean Girl Makeup for Travel - Avoid Plane Acne

Hey guys, it's Keira. Welcome back to the Subtl Beauty YouTube channel. Today, we are going over a clean girl makeup look that is perfect for travel. "Clean Girl" is a TikTok term that was super trendy. If you don't know, it basically refers to a look that is super minimal, glowy, dewy, and gives off a clean appearance. It's kind of an odd name, but it's actually great because when I am traveling, I like to wear a little bit of makeup. I know some people say, "Oh, don't wear any makeup," but for someone who has acne, scarring, and redness, that's just not realistic.

Tips to Prevent Breakouts When Flying: Acne-Safe Clean Girl Makeup

I've learned valuable tips to prevent breakouts when flying, and one of them is being mindful of the products I use on my skin. Today, I'll share the Clean Girl Makeup Look that is acne-safe and ideal for travel. Let's begin.

Travel-Friendly Makeup Stack: Convenience and Efficiency

When I travel, I prefer a minimal makeup look, and I find using a makeup stack to be incredibly convenient. It's easy to pack in your carry-on luggage, which has two major advantages. First, if you've ever lost your bag, you know the frustration of not having your makeup while on vacation or a trip. Second, you can effortlessly touch up your makeup during the flight or at the airport, using the stack as a base or primer.

Protect and Glow: Tinted Sunscreen for Travel Makeup

For this look, I rely on Glow Screen by Supergoop, a tinted sunscreen. It not only gives a lovely glow but also protects against the sun's harmful rays. It's not only great for everyday use, but I especially love it when I'm traveling because it keeps my skin hydrated and gives it a dewy look.

Get Flawless Brows: Benefit Brow Pencil for a Clean Girl Look

Moving on to the makeup stack and my trusted brow pencil because I can't afford to have sparse brows. Alright, let's start with the brows. I'll be using the Benefit Brow Pencil, which conveniently has a spoolie on one end. The most important tip I've learned when doing your brows is to align them with the inner corner of your eyes. Take a pencil and it should reach about this far. While one of my brows naturally follows this line, the other one doesn't, so I have to fill in the gaps. Now that we've filled in the eyebrows, let's move on to the stack.

Concealer that Combats Flying-Induced Acne: Arlington for Under Eyes and Redness

I'll begin by applying the Arlington concealer. This shade is perfect for me. I'll simply use my finger, regardless of whether you have acne-prone skin or not. Flying tends to trigger acne, so if you're applying anything to your face, it needs to be acne-safe. Thankfully, all of Settle's products meet that requirement. I'll start by filling in my under eyes, then use my finger to cover up any redness. Flying also causes significant dryness. I conducted thorough research because I wanted to understand why I experienced severe breakouts after flying. What I discovered is that the dry air during flights can actually trigger acne. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that your products don't contribute to further dryness. That's why I love using cream products, both in general and particularly when flying. One of the aspects I love about this concealer. 

We frequently receive inquiries about foundation, and although Subtle doesn't offer a traditional foundation, this product can be spread out to effectively cover any redness or dark spots if you prefer a light or everyday makeup look. Alright, that looks pretty good. I'll extend it over the eyelid as well. Now, let's move on to the Shine Control Powder. I'll utilize our travel brushes, which are conveniently compact. Take a look at the size difference between the travel brushes and regular brushes. I'll use this brush to apply the shine control powder, targeting areas where I tend to get excess shine, and I'll also apply it under my eyes to set everything. Alright, not too bad. If you want to keep it extremely minimal, you could simply stop here. However, we're going to add a little more. As I mentioned earlier, flying can be extremely drying, so I'll apply the Peach Sorbet lip balm.

Stay Hydrated: Lip Balm and Lip & Cheek Product for Moisturized Lips

We've just restocked these amazing lip balms that not only smell delightful but also have flavorful options. I'm completely obsessed with them. Next, I'll be using a lip and cheek product, and my favorite color is Mo. While we have a variety of lip and cheek shades that I love, this one is my everyday go-to as it suits my skin tone the best. I'll go ahead and apply it to my cheeks and lips. Towards the end, I like to blend it in using my two fingers, like this, and apply it on the upper cheekbone. I usually tap and blend it in, and sometimes I may use a brush depending on my mood. It's funny because I used to believe that blush didn't look good on me. I even avoided wearing it on my wedding day. But now, I honestly can't imagine not wearing it.

Adding blush really completes the look for me. I like to apply a touch of it on my nose as well. Here's a TikTok tip I picked up: sometimes, extending the blush underneath the eye area can make your under eyes appear brighter. Alright, while I allow my lip balm to hydrate my lips, I'll save it for the very end. Now, let's move on to bronzer. I'll use the shade chai and apply it where I would typically add a natural contour. For blending and extending it down to the chin, I'll use the stack brush BFF. Alternatively, if you prefer using all cream products, you can use a darker concealer instead of bronzer.

I'm really loving this chai color, so I'll be using powder today. I also like to add a touch of it to my nose for a bronzed effect. Alright, that's looking pretty good. When it comes to traveling light and creating a simple clean girl look, I try to make the most of my products by using them for multiple purposes. Instead of using our eyeshadow duos today, I'll keep it super simple by using bronzer and highlighter on my eyes. I'll use the small brush from our travel set for this. Now, going back to the bronzer, I'll use the other end of the brush for more precision and apply it in the crease. Using bronzer as eyeshadow has been my everyday look for about three or four years, and it makes my morning routine fast and effortless.

Complete the Look: Bronzer and Highlighter as Eyeshadow for a Natural Appearance

The clean girl look aims to create the illusion of not wearing makeup, even though you actually are. Using bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadow achieves a more natural appearance where it doesn't appear like you have eyeshadow on, but it adds depth and dimension to your face. I'll use this brush to blend it out. Notice how it's almost imperceptible that I'm wearing eyeshadow, yet it makes a noticeable difference compared to having no eyeshadow at all. Now, I'll apply some highlighter on top to give a subtle glow. I absolutely love this highlighter. It has a gorgeous finish without being overly shiny. Many highlighters can be too intense, but this one is just perfect. I'll also apply some in the corners.

I'll add a tiny amount on the tip of my nose and the cupid's bow. Lastly, I'll use the dry brush cleaner. If you can get your hands on it while it's in stock, do it. It's perfect for travel. Just swirl the brush in it to remove the product and use the brush for something else. Now, I'll apply a little bit more highlighter up here, being mindful not to overdo it since I already have a slight shine. Then, I'll swirl off any excess and use the brush one last time with the shine control powder, applying it on the forehead to set everything in place.

On the top of my nose, I'll use the lip and cheek product again and apply the shade "Mo" to my lips. I absolutely love this color. It goes on smoothly without needing a lip liner. That completes the final look using the Subtle stack, the four-piece travel brush set, and the stack brush BFF. It's perfect for travel with its germ-free case. It's also convenient for doing makeup on the plane without worrying about picking up germs. I'll include links to all the products I used below. Don't forget to check out my video for minimalist packing tips and what I bring when I travel. Thank you all, and see you next time.

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