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Fall Into These Autumn Trends

August 18, 2020 3 min read

Fall Beauty Trends

It may only be August, but we can already smell the pumpkin spiced latte and know exactly which flannel will be wrapped around our waist come September 1st (okay, probably before that). As Autumn approaches, so do these seasonal beauty tips and trends you’ll be dying to fall - or dive - into!

Use bronzer for a metallic eye look.

Achieve a gold medal eyeshadow look using only bronzer

Whoever said bronzer was only for contouring your skin, was *seriously* disturbed. Brown eyeshadow is the perfect way to color coordinate with the earth tones of Fall, and this season, we’re calling on bronzer to do the trick! As a lover of earth tones, I tried this look myself with my Subtl Beauty Warm Glow Bronzer and fell in love!

The application is easy: 

  • Simply swipe some bronzer over your lid with your finger or a brush to create a soft, smoky eye (I went with a brush for better precision). 
  • Apply a little extra bronzer to your brush and follow your bottom lash line to accentuate your eyes with a soft, natural eyeliner look!

Pro tip: If your bronzer still has product in it but isn’t working up to its normal potential, don’t be quick to throw your product out - it probably just has hardpan! Check out our blog to learn all the hardpan hacks to ensure you’re getting the most out of your bronzer!

The Mauve Lip and Cheek Shade

From lip to cheek, this color is Mauve-lous, hunny!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect earthy tone to match your brown eyeshadow look, or simply looking for a new fall shade, the Mauve Lip Cheek is the slight pop of color you need for Fall! After trying out the bronzer eyeshadow trend (and loving it), I opted to add this shade to my lips and cheek to complete my look, and was not disappointed!

To slay the Mauve look:

  • Simply dab the Mauve Lip Cheek onto your lips and rub them together (I accentuate with some lip balm first to give my lips an extra luscious look). 
  • Next, apply a very small amount to your index finger, and dab the balls of your cheeks, working up the cheekbone until blended nicely.

Pro tip: Using a makeup applicator like the Stack Brush when applying the Lip Cheek to your cheeks is a great way to blend the product into the rest of your makeup (and create a more natural look!) when using other products such as a highlighter or bronzer!

The Plum Lip and Cheek

Plum-meting into purples

Summer isn’t the only season that has us feeling fruity… this Fall, we’re jumping into plums and couldn’t be more in love with this juicy look! The Plum Lip Cheekhas all the color you need and more in one punch (or stack, I should say). The more layers you add, the deeper the tone, which is exactly what we’re looking for to complete this Autumn look!

To achieve this look:

  • I applied three layers of the Plum Lip Cheek to my lips, but use as many or as little as you want (remember, no skin tone is the same, so go with what looks best for YOU!). 
  • Once you get the color just right, apply a small amount onto your index finger, and dab gently to the balls of your cheeks, moving up towards your cheekbone. Again, the more layers you apply, the darker the shade, which I’m loving against my orange top today, by the way! 

Pro tip: This product may say Lip Cheek, but that’s not all you can use it for! Watch Courtney’s tutorial on how you can also apply the Plum Lip Cheek as an eyeshadow for a super fun look!

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