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Five Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Maximize Their Morning Routine

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We’re all probably familiar with the morning hustle, bustle, and mad dash. But for busy moms, it may seem downright impossible to get their ducks in a row during the AM hours considering their morning routine isn’t concluded without throwing kids into the mix. While mornings can be a hectic time for busy moms, it’s possible to add some easy self-care and organization before the kids wake up to boost productivity, and most importantly, the day’s tone. 

To make the mornings easier and more serene, here are five tips busy moms can use to maximize their morning routine:

A Healthy Sleep Schedule Can Benefit Your Entire Family


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If you’re a busy mom, you’re probably thinking that kids and sleep do not go together like PB&J. While this can be true, especially for moms with younger children, it’s vital to address your sleeping habits. In fact, a lack of sleep can increase stress while dampening the amygdala’s ability to regulate emotions like anxiety, stress, anger, and fear. Unhealthy sleeping habits are also connected to the development of serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. 

Many experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Children, though, often need nine to twelve hours depending on their age. It’s important to recognize that your entire family will likely feel more productive with a good sleep schedule. Try deciding on a time that you need to wake up each morning then set an alarm to give you and your family time to unwind before bed (AKA dim the lights, don your PJs, get comfy, and maybe read a bedtime story or two).

Creating a bedtime routine that’s ultra-relaxing for the whole family is not only a good way to bond, but it can also help everyone unwind before bed. Try to keep this sleeping routine going strong every day of the week as using the weekends to catch up on Zs can throw off everyone’s body clock (hello, insomnia!) Plus, it’s been proven that children and teens get more sleep when parents structure their sleeping schedules. 

Get Prepared for the Day the Night Before


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Did you know that a productive morning routine starts the night prior? Before going to bed, try to reduce friction in the mornings by laying out work and school clothes, setting up the coffee or tea brewing equipment, and getting lunches prepared for the next day. Anticipating potential obstacles that might be making your mornings stressful can make a big difference in how you navigate the AM hours. 

In addition, many healthy breakfast foods can also be prepared the night before. If you've never heard the whole breakfast makes champions spiel, here’s a rundown: those who eat breakfast have boosted brainpower, tend to eat healthier overall, and are more likely to be physically active. Skipping breakfast can also cause you and your kids to feel sluggish or irritable. To get started, try Googling healthy breakfast foods that can be reheated with ease!

PROTIP: We know being a busy mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, so let your kids help you. Make cooking breakfast the night before a family affair by following a fun, healthy recipe that gets everyone involved! You can also have your children pick out their school clothes the night before. These tasks not only make mornings easier for you but also provide great learning tools. 

Take a Breather and Don’t Be Scared of a Little Early Morning ”Me Time”


mom enjoy "me' time reading magazine being pampered


Studies have shown that in the past decade, women’s happiness levels have declined at a steady pace. While there are tons of theories as to why this is happening, many argue that it’s because busy moms are trying to juggle a career, a household, and a family all at once, which is why taking a breather is so important. After all, having some quality “me time” is totally possible as a busy mom.

Good quality “me time” can help you enjoy life and meet challenges head-on. Plus, busy moms who are in tune with themselves tend to be more productive and are less prone to irritation and mood swings. So when you get up in the morning, grab a cup of joe, relax, and enjoy your own company. If you love reading, allow yourself a chapter or two outside if the weather is nice, or explore new hobbies. Do what makes you happy. 

Reminder: Taking time out for yourself doesn’t make you a selfish mom. 

Take a Look at the Day Ahead


mom holding calendar and marker


To increase your productivity, try making the last step in your morning routine a transitional one that allows you to step into work and mom mode. A 2019 study found that one way to do this is by creating a habit of previewing your day. Take a few minutes each morning to look over the day’s agenda and make notes of critical errands and tasks. Does your child have a soccer game tonight? Jot it down. Do you need to finish a business proposal? Sketch out your plans for it. 

By taking inventory of your day, you can pick the “low-hanging fruit” tasks that can be knocked off easily to lessen stress. If you find that mapping out your day makes you anxious, do what feels the most natural for you. You can always try scheduling the most challenging tasks at different times to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to remember that by taking inventory of your day, you can make sure all your tasks connect back to your purpose. 

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If putting on your makeup lasts as long as an episode of The White Lotus then you’re not alone! A study found that women typically spend an average of 55 minutes getting beautified to take on the day. For busy moms, though, finding time to primp before work and taking the kids to school can be difficult, which is why the Subtl Beauty Stack is the best busy mom hack. 

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Tell us, busy moms – how does your Subtl Beauty Stack help you take back your mornings?


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