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Get Party-Ready with this Makeup Tutorial featuring the Subtl Beauty Smokeshow Set

What matches perfectly with a chic-as-can-be holiday ensemble? A smokey eye created with two limited-edition Eyeshadow Duos, do-it-all brush, and miracle cleaner. Pauline shows us how to create the perfect plum smokey eye look in this tutorial!

Products used:
Smokeshow Set 
Mocha Bronzer
Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush


Hello everyone, it's Pauline from Zilch Beauty. In today's tutorial, I will be using Subtl's new Smokeshow eyeshadow duo set to create a beautiful purple smokey eye. The set includes two new eyeshadow duos - Purple Haze and Smoke and Mirrors - and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush from Subtl Beauty. The brush has a fluffier side and a more rounded side, and at the bottom of the set, you'll find a dry brush cleaner. This is perfect for removing any excess pigment from your brush after use. Follow along to see how I use all of these products to create a stunning look for the holidays.

Step 1: Applying Purple Haze Eyeshadow

I'm going to start by applying the Purple Haze eyeshadow. I'm going to use the matte black shade as a top liner. Before applying deeper shades, I like to use a transition shade to prepare my eyes. I'm going to grab a bronzer in the shade Mocha from Subtl to use as a transition shade. This isn't included in the Smokeshow set, but I find it helpful to apply a transition shade before using deeper tones. I'm going to apply the bronzer lightly in the crease. Now that I have that base down, I'm going to use the Purple Haze shade. It has good pigmentation without being too intense. I'm going to apply it lightly in the corner, building it up if desired. I'm using the clean end of the brush to buff out any excess product. I'm going to dip back into the Purple Haze shade with the rounded end of the brush and apply a little bit on my lid.

Step 2: Using a Transition Shade and Bronzer

I'm going to apply the deeper black shade to my bottom lash line. I'm going to use the lip brush and tap it into the black shade, then dust it off on the back of my hand. I'm going to use the mirror and try to apply the shadow as close to my lash line as possible, building some depth above my lashes. I'm going to start flicking out any excess shadow to create a wing shape. If you're new to winged eye makeup, using a dark shadow is a good way to practice because it's more forgiving and can be blended easily, especially if you have hooded eyes. I'm also going to take any residue of the shadow down over the purple line we applied earlier, so it's not too intense.

Step 3: Applying the Black Eyeshadow

I think the purple and black combination looks really pretty. Using shadow instead of liner allows for more flexibility in your look. I'm going to use the more rounded side of the brush to blend out the wing shape. I don't want it to be too defined, just shaded outward. I'm going to go over the top line again to create a soft purple-black smokey eye.

Step 4: Adding Shimmer Shades for a Festive Look

Now, I'm going to use the shimmer shades. I'm going to start with the purple one and apply it to the middle of my lid and inner corner. I'm also going to use the silver shade and layer it in the middle to create a gray-purple effect. Finally, I'm going to use the blending brush to buff out the edges.

Step 5: Applying Mascara and Adding Finishing Touches

I'm going to apply some more mascara and be right back. I've just added some bronzer and more mascara to my makeup and cleaned up under my eyes. I also want to show you how to use the dry brush cleaner, which is really cool. Now that we have the base of this eye makeup down, I'm going to continue building the outer corner of the eye. I'm only going to bring it in about halfway and then I'll try to get underneath and shift it slightly upwards. I'm using the lip brush from the travel kit, but you can mix and match different products. Now I'm going to twist off the bottom part of the stack and use the right brush cleaner. You can see how quickly it removes all the dirt and makeup from the brush. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Look out for more holiday content from Subtl Beauty and we'll see you soon.

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