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Getting Aaliyah Jay's Look With a Subtl Stack


Aaliyah Jay Inspired Makeup Look
Hi everyone! My name is Sharon Jayy and in this video, I'll be showing you how I achieved this look inspired by Aaliyah Jay using my Subtl Stack.

Products Used:

Espresso Bronzer
Riveting Red Lip and Cheek
Perry Cream Concealer
Stack BFF Brush
Shine Control Powder
Barely Peach Eyeshadow Duo 
Champagne Highlighter
Dune Eyeshadow Duo
Pink in a Pinch Powder Blush
Mauve Lip and Cheek


Applying Foundation and Eyebrows

I've already applied a thin layer of foundation and done my eyebrows. Now, I'm going to use the Espresso shade of Bronzer. It's popular to do your bronzer and blush before your concealer because it highlights those products without letting the concealer overpower them. I'm not sure of the exact reason for this, but it looks good. I'll apply the bronzer on my cheekbones, forehead, chin, and jawline. Next, I'll use the Lip and Cheek product in the shade Riveting Red.

Using Bronzer and Lip and Cheek Product

I'm using my finger to apply a small amount of the liquid red blush, called Riveting Red. It looks intense, but it's actually so easy to work with and can be moved around easily. In this look, Aaliyah only used blush on her cheeks, but since I applied it before the concealer, I can use the concealer to set it exactly where I want it. Now, I'm going to use the shade Perry for my concealer. I'll apply it with my finger on the sides of my nose and blend it to set the blush in place. I'm using my Stack BFF Brush to set the concealer, and then I'll add another layer for a brighter under eye look. This concealer is thin, so I'll build it up to lock it in place.

Concealer and Setting Powder for a Smooth Base

I'm going to blend this out to remove any harsh lines. I'm using my bronzer to contour my nose. It looks like Aaliyah highlighted under her cheekbones, so I'm going to use concealer to highlight under the bronzer I applied to my cheekbone. That really helps to set everything in place. Wow, that looks great! Now that we've finished our base, we're going to use the Shine Control Powder to lock everything in and prevent too much oiliness by the end of the night. I'm cleaning my BFF Brush to use for the Shine Control Powder, and I'll apply it on my nose, under my eye, under my cheekbone, and anywhere else I used concealer. I almost forgot to put concealer on my chin and forehead, but it makes a big difference.

Subtly Stack Makes Eye Makeup Easy

Now it's time to do some eyeshadow. I'm not an expert, but I'll show you how to achieve this subtle eyeshadow look. I'm using the Barely Peach Eyeshadow Duo and applying it lightly because Aaliyah's eyeshadow is subtle. I'm applying a lighter brown color to my eyeshadow. That looks good, just like Aaliyah's eyeshadow. I'm not very confident with eyeshadow, but this Subtl Stack made it SO easy for me to achieve this look.

Powder Blush and Highlighter for a Pop of Color

Now that we've finished the eyeshadow, we're going to use the Pink in a Pinch shade of Powder Blush. I love this color. Next, I'll apply some highlighter in the Champagne shade on the tip of my nose, bridge, chin, and forehead to highlight those areas. It looks like Aaliyah also has a bit of shimmer on her eyelids, so I'm using the Dune Eyeshadow Duo to add a little bit of shine. Now that we've finished the face, we can move on to the lips. I'm using my bronzer to outline my lips and then applying the Mauve shade of Lip and Cheek.

This is the final look! Let's take a closer look at how smooth it appears. I think my makeup looks great. You can create any makeup look you want with just this stack! Please let me know in the comments what you think of this look and if you like it. Also, let me know what other makeup looks you would like us to try.

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