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How to Choose Your Lip and Cheek Shade Based on Your Skin's Natural Undertone


How to Choose Your Lip and Cheek Shade Based on Your Skin's Natural Undertone

Ever see someone rocking a lipstick shade and wondered if you could pull it off too? Or worse, you
do try it and it just doesn’t look the same on you? Samesies. Before you tell yourself you can’t play with fun lip colors, it’s important to know that 1) you can and 2) it’s all about knowing what shades will complement your skin tone! Different shades + different skin tones = different results, and we’re here to help you find out what category you fall into! 

image of woman applying subtl beauty's stackable makeup lip and cheek

Warm Undertones

If you have warm skin, you have more yellow or golden undertones. Corresponding warm colors in a richer shade than your skin like terracotta brown (you don’t want the color to get lost!) complement your skin the most, but that’s not all! Pops of orange and red look stunning on you, enhancing your skin’s bronzed look.

What your skin tone is like:

  • Golden, yellow, or an olive hue
  • Gets a bronze glow or tan easily in the summer

What shades you rock:

Pro Tip:  If you haven’t tried these shades and want to see them in action, you’re in luck! Nydia has a Dusty Rose tutorial to show you different ways to wear this shade, Niara shares 3 must-try ways to effortlessly rock Riveting Red, and Pauline shares everything you need to know about Coral in this tutorial!


Image of woman apply Subtl Beauty's Stackable makeup lip and cheek

Cool Undertones

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Why, it’s cool undertones, of course! If you have cool undertones, you have lighter skin than others, which is a great canvas for a standout color! Try either a lipstick that has cool undertones like purples, cherries, and berry colors—the contrast will make you stand out amongst the crowd. For an everyday shade, stick with pinks to complement your everyday look and skin.

What your skin tone is like:

  • Lighter/fairer skin
  • Red or pink hues
  • Burns/turns red rather than tan in the summer

What shades you rock:

Pro Tip:  If you haven’t tried the Plum Lip and Cheek, our fair beauty queen Courtney has the perfect Plum Lip and Cheek tutorial just for you! To feel tickled in pink, check out Morgan’s easy-to-achieve tutorial using the shade Perfectly Pink!


Image of woman apply Subtl Beaut'y travel makeup kit lip and cheek

Neutral Undertones

Neutral undertones can typically rock a variety of shades. Mauve shades are great for medium-neutral skin, pinky tones for fairer skin, and berry shades for darker-neutral undertones.

What your skin tone is like:

  • A mixture of warm and cool tones
  • Can either turn red in the summer or get a bit of a glow

What shades you rock:

Pro Tip:  If you’re new to our neutral shade, we’ve got you covered! Our beauty guru Pauline has the perfect lip cheek tutorial to strut your stuff in Mauve.

Want to learn more about how to match your skin tone? Take this quiz to determine the undertone of your skin to apply the perfect foundation or concealer shade!
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