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How to Conceal Under Eye Veins - LIGHT Coverage!

Today Keira is taking us through her quick, no-crease, light coverage concealer routine for the under eyes. Using plenty of TikTok makeup tips - this routine is simple, yet effective!

Products used:
Concealer in Arlington
Shine Control Powder


Hey guys, it's Kiera with Subtl Beauty. Join me today as I walk you through my effective concealer routine using the Subtle Beauty concealer and Shine Control powder. Discover the techniques I've perfected over time, with inspiration from TikTok tips. Let's dive in!

Revealing My Under Eye Struggles
Unveiling the truth: I'll begin by removing my concealer, exposing the reality of my under eyes. Visible veins have always been a challenge for me, even at 28. This compelled me to rely on concealer for a boost of confidence, even for everyday outings. Recently, I've experimented with a new routine that I'm absolutely loving.

TikTok-Inspired Techniques
Tapping into the TikTok realm, I'll share the valuable lessons and techniques I've learned and incorporated into my concealer routine. Allow me to guide you through the steps that have truly made a difference in achieving flawless results.

Choosing the Right Shade and Application Technique
Discovering the perfect match: I found my shade, Arlington, to complement my skin tone. Using your ring finger for application is my number one tip. This method warms up the product, enabling smoother blending into the skin. I'll demonstrate by warming a small amount between my ring fingers, ensuring a gentle touch on the delicate under eye area.

Achieving a Natural Layered Look
Building up the coverage: Starting with a super light layer, I'll tap the concealer into the inner corners of my eyes. To prevent creasing, applying multiple layers is crucial. I'll demonstrate how to tap lightly and extend the coverage outwards, ensuring a seamless finish. For those with visible veins like me, I'll show you how to minimize their appearance subtly.

Enhancing Staying Power with the Right Tools
Unveiling the secret weapons: To ensure my concealer lasts throughout the day, I highly recommend using triangular puffs from Amazon. These innovative tools help maintain the impeccable finish of your concealer.

The Final Touch and Illumination
Adding a touch of radiance: As a finishing step, I'll share how a little bit of highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes can brighten up your entire look, giving you that extra glow.

That wraps up my concealer routine! I hope you found these tips helpful in achieving a flawless finish. Don't forget to subscribe for more exciting videos and expert tips. Stay tuned for my next update. See you soon!
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