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How To Face Every Day with Confidence

Although it might seem like a naturally given gift, confidence is something we need to actively work on through healthy habits, positive thinking, and an understanding that we are all unique in our own way. 

It’s easy to feel self-conscious and insecure especially when you’re surrounded by unrealistic beauty and lifestyle standards, so know that you’re not alone and that many other women feel the same way you do. We put together a list of common scenarios that often leave us feeling off our game, and made some suggestions on how you can cultivate confidence in these moments. 

Give yourself a pep talk.

Are you worried that your performance at work or school isn’t measuring up? Try talking to yourself.

  • Give yourself a pep talk during your morning commute. Positive self-talk, whether out loud or just in your head can improve your memory, help you focus, and even increase daily performance
  • While doing your morning skincare or makeup routine, list all the things you like about yourself. 
  • Before bed, write down the best parts of your day and what you are grateful for. 

Date night.

You have a date tomorrow night, but you don’t look or feel your best so you’re thinking about canceling. 

Boost your confidence with some TLC:

  • Enjoy a cup of your favorite tea or hot drink before bed the night before
  • Use a few drops of essential oils in the shower.
  • Give yourself a relaxing face massage that morning. When you feel clean, groomed, and polished you’ll feel better about yourself.
  • Plan your date outfit the night before—having a plan can be the boost you need.

Write in a journal.

Can’t seem to shake some of the negative thoughts or feelings that have piled up in your head during the day? Write it out. 

Keeping a journal is a powerful way to express your feelings, especially those of insecurity. Writing down your worries, dislikes, and other negative feelings provides a release that allows you to step back and address them. 

  • For every negative thought, write down a positive thought.
  • For everything you say you don’t like about yourself, write down something you do like about yourself. 
  • List out your goals and describe how you will reach them. 

Limit social media consumption.

You scroll through IG and realize all of your friends are getting married, going on vacation, or living their best life. Take a reality check.

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and learn new skills. However, it is not a place you should be spending a significant amount of time. Spending too much time online can lead to an unhealthy comparison which lowers your self-confidence. 

  • Only follow accounts that make you happy.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. You are on your own path.
  • Instead of scrolling when you’re bored, read a book, take a walk, or call a friend to catch up. 

Create a bedtime routine.

Can’t seem to get out of your head at night? Create a bedtime routine. 

Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep can both improve your performance and your confidence. This might be hard if you are an insomniac, or just prefer to stay up late at night, but try these tips to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Create a bedtime routine that winds you down from the day. That could mean washing your face, reading a book, and putting away your phone for the day.
  • Sleep in a dark and cool room for the best sleep quality.
  • Try a natural sleep aid like melatonin or valerian tea

Going back to work.

Feeling insecure about going back to work?

  • Set out your clothes the night before. Reach for clothes that look good and feel good to be in.
  • Stick to a low-maintenance hair and makeup routine - enough to feel good without putting in much effort. 
  • Stand tall and walk with confidence.
  • Smile and make good eye contact.
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