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HOW TO: Fall Wedding Makeup Look Using Our New Peach Makeup Collection

Our long-awaited peach collection is FINALLY HERE - check out the entire peach line below!

In this week's tutorial, Pauline is showing us how peach can be used to show off a warmer, fall look that's just peachy for weddings and major events.

Products used:

Peach Sorbet Lip Balm
You're a Peach Blush
Peach Fizz Highlighter
Barely Peach Eyeshadow Duo 

Hi everyone. Pauline here from Zilch Beauty, back with another Subtl tutorial. And today I'm gonna show you how to use the brand new Peach collection to create a bit of a warm fall makeup look. Peach can definitely be a summer color, but it also can be a fall color. So if you have any weddings or events coming up that you wanna just give a little bit of ooph and warmth to definitely keep on watching.

So this peach collection consists of four products. You have the peach sorbet lip balm, let's put that on because it's so amazing, actually. Smells just like peaches. You have the, your peach blush, it's a powder blush. You have the barely peach eyeshadow duo, so you have a more neutral tone here, and then an actual peachy tone here. And then I love this one. It's the peach fizz highlighter. And look how beautiful. I'm so sorry for my nails. I was cleaning and cleaning products really just don't go well with gel. I'm gonna start to do the rest of my makeup first, and then we'll get into the stack. I am gonna use a more medium to full coverage foundation for my face. Again, for a wedding or some sort of event, I definitely would be amping up my skin coverage just because it's gonna be a longer wear. And I find that a medium to full coverage foundation should just last the best. So I'm gonna go ahead and apply that.

So now that I have that base down, and now I'm gonna go into the collection, I really wanted to give my face some warmths. I also think for the fall to bring those like richer, warmer tones in from, you know, yellows to orange hues that you'll see in the leaves. And then this peach shade is gonna blend so nicely on top of the bronzer that I put on. I love these powder blushes because you can really build them up so nicely. You can see I'm just putting it right on top of that bronzer a little bit higher and look at that difference between the side and the side. I just really think the the shade is so gorgeous. And don't be afraid, I think for a wedding or some sort of event, the more pop you can have, you know, obviously we wanna blend that pop out so that it's as natural as it can look, but it's really gonna look good in photos.

This is where you know, if you're not used to wearing makeup, if you put an extra layer on, it really can make a difference. It might seem a lot to you, you know, in the mirror, but I promise you in photos, one extra layer of blush or bronzer is really gonna show up well if a photographer or a videographer is around. You can also take some of that shade down into your neck if you'd like. But look how, look how nice that looks from both sides. I'm gonna start doing my eyes while that all kind of sits into the skin. I'm gonna grab the Subtl dual-ended eyeshadow brush. We have one side that's a little more rounded and one side that's a little more angled. And I'm gonna go into that barely peach duo and I'm gonna start with the more neutral shade. And I'm just gonna get that up into my corner. And crease not gonna be too conservative here. Now I'm gonna start to build a bit of a shadow out and up. I love this trick personally, just to start to make a little bit of a wing. And when you use a a brown shade like this, it's just gonna look really natural. So I'll start to do it on this side too. You'll see what I mean.

And then any excess on the brush, I'm just gonna swipe across the rest of the lid. Now I'm gonna go into that more rounded part of the brush and get that peach shade really covered. And we're not gonna be shy here either. I'm just gonna start in the middle, work it up and down that middle section, and then slowly start to disperse any extra into the inner corner. But I really want the majority of the pigment in the middle of the lid. And we wanna make sure we're kind of connecting that crease color with the lid color. So just make sure you kind of blend those two together where they meet and then you can just keep going as needed. Now I'm gonna get a more pointed shadow brush, and I'm going to mix both of those colors and I'm really going to take it down along my bottom lashline to give a little bit of extra definition. So for an everyday look, you can obviously do this too, but I'm really gonna focus on bringing that all the way in to my inner corner. And then what you can do is start to connect it out to that flick that we had started. And then for a wedding look, I definitely enjoy using like a darker shadow or liner. I'm gonna go for a brown shadow and then top it with some brown liner on my top lash line.

To give a little bit of extra definition, I'm gonna go back in with that angle side of the brush to really buff out that crease where I brought that deeper shade up. Also go over the lash line. And now I'm gonna go in with some brown eyeliner just to top line and trace basically what I had just put down. So I'm kind of doing a mix of getting this right on my top skin above the lashline, and also a little bit in that upper waterline, but only on the outer corner. And I'm gonna go back in with the brush that I put the brown shadow down with and just buff that out even more. So this is a really nice kind of soft sultry wing, I guess not even wing, it's just kind of like an outer corner that I'm defining. And then I'm gonna go back in with my beauty blender and just start to clean up anything that kind of fell down. I might actually take a little bit of my concealer and just kind of clean up those edges as well. And then anything that's left on that brush, I'm just gonna take down on that bottom lash line.

So we're just mixing and layering some different shades on top of that peach, but that peach shade is still coming through. Look how pretty that is. I love it! Let's go ahead and put some mascara on. So this is becoming more of like a burnt peached look because we are adding that brown in with the shadow and the liner. It's giving such nice fall vibes. So now I'm gonna go in and brush my brows out and fill them in a little bit. I like to kind of start out and then go in. I'm being kind of sloppy here, but I literally just like to fill them in with the edge of a pencil first. And then if I wanna go in and start making more precise hair strokes, I will. That way I can really see where I need it instead of missing some areas. And now we're gonna go in with that peach phase highlighter. This is gonna top that whole look off. And then I'm also just gonna set under my eyes really fast. I've been letting my concealer set. I'd like to let the concealer kind of soak into the skin and then go in with a powder. I'll take my blush and bronzer brush just to blend out one more time. I'm gonna add a bit of a warmer lip to give that fall vibe today.

I absolutely love this new set. So beautiful using these shades for the fall. I mean, these are based in a warm undertone, so anything warm on top of these that you add, whether it's browns or purples or mauves, are gonna look so pretty. So I highly recommend checking this set out. And of course, if you liked this video, make sure to subscribe to Subtl's channel. We have tons of easy tutorials and videos for you to walk through, especially for a makeup beginner.

But we also have some more in depth tutorials like these. So thanks for following along, and we'll be back with more videos soon. Bye.

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