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How To Use Makeup To Cover Sunspots

How to cover sun spots

As much as I love those hot, summer days for getting my bronze on, I always have to be extra careful with my skin in the sun. Everyone in my family is very susceptible to sunspots, and I am no exception (yes, I swear sunscreen!). While in Mexico over the winter, I noticed a few little marks on my face from the sun even after slathering on sunblock four times that day… and it’s all I could notice! 

While there are some steps you can take to permanently rid yourself of these spots, my simpler, everyday solution includes a few Subtl Beauty faves and some good blending skills. Within just a few minutes, your makeup (and skin!) will look and feel spotless!

Choose 2 different concealer shades

Step 1 - Pick your concealer shades (yes, plural!)

A common misconception in the concealer world is that you should only use (or need) one shade. My first rule of thumb for covering up those pesky spots is using a lighter shade as a base, then blending with a darker shade that matches my skin tone. I personally keep two shades with me year-round, because my skin gets much darker in the summer versus the winter months! 

The shades I’m working with are:

Beauty Tip: If you’re not sure which colors work best for your skin tone, our team will help you find the perfect shade!

Dab on your concealer

Step 2 - Apply the base concealer to your sunspots

Don’t be alarmed that the area of application is much lighter than the rest of your face during this step - that is totally normal (and what we want!). We will go in and match to the proper skin tone later on. For this step, make sure to:

  • Lightly dab the lighter shade of concealer onto your spot area with a finger until it’s completely covered
  • Blend using light dabs or circles with your finger, or use your Stack Brush (I opted for a brush)

Beauty Tip: Love this concealer hack? Check out this video for more ways to get the best out of your Subtl Beauty Concealer!

Apply foundation or your second concealer shade.

Step 3 - Apply foundation (optional) or your second concealer shade!

This step is totally up to your makeup preference. Some ladies love their foundation, others may go for a concealer for a lighter look and feel. I personally don’t like the feeling of a lot of products on my skin, so I opted to lightly dust my face with my second concealer shade. The cream concealer is great because it still gives you the coverage you’re looking for without that cakey or heavy feeling on your face!

I opted to:

  • Apply the Arlington shade first onto my trouble area, dabbing with my fingertip
  • Begin blending with a brush, lightly sweeping across my entire face until fully blended.

Beauty Tip: If your sunspots are still slightly visible, that’s totally normal (and nothing a little bronzer and blush can’t fix)!

Apply your bronzer

Step 4 - Apply bronzer

Bronzer is a girl’s best friend year-round, but especially when trying to rid yourself of sunspots. The reason this step is so important is because:

  1. It helps to maintain that summer glow 
  2. If you aren’t fully blended yet or your face looks a little lighter than the rest of your skin, bronzer is a great tool to bring back those warm, natural-looking tones

I went in with Warm Glow Bronzer across my cheeks and slightly on my nose and temple areas. This bronzer is my favorite because a little bit goes a long way! Not only does it help to bring back the warmth to my skin, but my sunspots cannot even be spotted by this step!

Add a touch of blush

Step 5 - Add a little oomph to your cheeks

This step is not necessary, but who doesn’t love a little pop of color?! My go-to for this final step (and for most of my everyday looks, who am I kidding) is the Perfectly Pink Lip Cheek Tint. To complete this look with the Lip Cheek, make sure to:

  • Dab the product onto the balls of the cheek and lightly across the nose
  • Using your finger or a brush (I opted for the brush), blend the pink until it’s subtle enough to compliment your natural, summer look! 
  • Dab the lip cheek onto your lips to give them a natural pink pop, too, and voila!

Beauty Tip: All of our Lip Cheek shades are summer-friendly. Check out this Lip Cheek video for another summer, glowy makeup look!

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