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Makeup Kits: Modular & Magnificent

Makeup Kits: Modular & Magnificent

Does your bathroom vanity suffer from overcrowding thanks to countless mascaras, moisturizers, and liquid lipstick options? Do you sometimes have to choose between bringing your phone charger or taking your makeup along with you on a night out? Maybe you’re just craving something more minimalistic and easy instead of a massive makeup palette. We feel your pain, and we’re here to help. 

At Sutbl Beauty, we’ve spent the last few years developing makeup sets that don’t take away space from your vanity or your bag. Instead, they create space, thanks to compact, versatile products like our ingenious all-in-one makeup kits

Our stackable beauty sets are completely customizable, portable kits designed to give you everything you need, conveniently put together in one flawless package. Best of all, this mighty cylinder fits easily in the palm of your hand, your belt bag, on your desk, and anywhere else you might need it — so say goodbye to bulky face palettes.

The Reality of Makeup Kits and Value Sets

Recently, more and more beauty brands have started making kits and value sets that contain everything from eyeliner to lip balm. These are meant to be easy pairings of popular, essential items designed to effortlessly go together, like a glam lip liner and corresponding lip gloss. You might even find makeup brush sets that are meant to be used interchangeably.

Usually, the actual pairing usually gets used together for a week or so, but these items always end up tossed into separate makeup bags, sprawled out on your vanity, or lost in your under-the-sink storage pit with all the old eyebrow pencils, limited edition eyeshadows, and shimmer lipsticks. Ultimately, they often lead to more clutter and less organization, because they’re not focused on what you actually need.

Save Your Money and Lessen Global Waste

As time goes by and these products collect dust, they eventually draw nearer and nearer to their expiration dates. Have you ever put a bottle of foundation or makeup remover into a drawer, forgotten about it, and then pulled it out a few months later only to discover it looks oily, has separated, and maybe even has a weird chemical smell? This is what happens when makeup expires. When makeup gets to that point, it doesn’t work the way it should and can be unsafe to put on your skin. 

With only so many days and evenings in a year, it’s a good idea to be realistic about what you’ll use and what’ll ultimately end up being tossed away.

Within a year, the cosmetic industry alone produces over 120 billion units of packaging. As a whole, it’s estimated that 11 million metric tons of plastic are dumped back into the earth every year. 

By purchasing a purposeful collection of products as opposed to a cluster of more random offerings, not only are you saving money, but you’re also keeping more (potentially unrecyclable) plastic components out of landfills and oceans.

An Ideal Option for Travel

One place nobody wants to fight the battle of the bulk is in their carry-on. Between weight regulations, the TSA liquid rule, and the pure need for organization, you need to have a makeup kit that’s efficient and compact when you’re on the move.

Solving these makeup travel woes may have felt impossible, but that’s where we come in. Our Makeup Stacks contain everything you need to put together a fresh face. They also use minimal bag space, take up zero space in your regulated liquids bag (all of our products are solid and not subject to TSA liquid regulations), and they’ll only take up a few inches of counter space. 

Thanks to your perfect Stack, unpacking at your destination is easy and mess-free. Plus, packing up to head back to the airport (the most dreaded part of any vacation) is done in minutes. 

Perfect for Regular Days Out and About

The right makeup kit isn’t just ideal for traveling on a plane or bus. It’s also great for regular days out and about. 

Work days are often a rush to shower, pack your bag, and get ready to leave, all while stuffing a granola bar down your throat. Trying to find the time to complete your makeup routine can feel like a bit much. 

However, most makeup routines aren’t commute-friendly, so it’s not like you want to do your makeup when you’re already on the run. With lots of different brushes, palettes, creams, and liquids to apply, it can be a lot to carry and keep track of while you’re sitting in the back of a taxi or on a seat on the subway.

However, with a Subtl Beauty Makeup Stack, it’s not only easy to carry and keep track of your makeup, but the application process is also super simple. All your essential products, including concealer, your eyeshadow palette, a pigmented blush, and the perfect lip color, fit in one cylindrical starter kit that fits in the palm of your hand. Plus, they can all easily be applied with just your fingertips. 

Need to do a quick touch-up in the bathroom or on your way to an evening out? Our Stacks take little to no counter space and easily fit in a small purse or clutch. No need for an oversized weekend bag or train case for this full-face routine.

A Better Purse-Sized Solution

Instead of throwing multiple clunky compacts into our purses or only bringing along one or two things, we give you the power to bring all your faves along in one singular magnificent module. 

Plus, with each purchase, we’ll give you a free Stack Brush BFF, designed to go wherever you go — unless you prefer using your fingertips. Compact and retractable, this fluffy makeup brush also comes with a lid to keep it (and the inner lining of your purse) clean and sanitary.

While you do have the freedom to completely customize your Stack to include what you need and even multiple color options if you’d like, we do offer a few all-encompassing options of our own.

Tones by Subtl Beauty is the perfect all-in-one makeup set for everyday use. Consisting of our Cream Concealer, Lip and Cheek, and a matte Bronzer, this efficient Stack includes everything you need to get ready quickly and out the door even faster. 

The Starter Stack for beginners goes a little further with the addition of a Highlighter and Shine Control Pressed Powder. Just pick your concealer shade, and we’ll do the rest by selecting the perfect counterparts to complement your skin tone.

Minimalism in Makeup

Minimalism is in. From simple capsule wardrobe staples to a more streamlined morning routine, people are collectively taking a step back to slow down and simplify the more chaotic areas of their lives.

Is your countertop tightly packed with skincare, eye pencils, perfumes, soaps, and other cosmetics? Would one wrong move result in a literal domino effect? Does the clutter extend into your drawers and beneath your sink? Has it grown to a point where you gave in and purchased additional shelving? 

Our Makeup Stacks make this an issue of the past with our smart design and unmatched efficiency. Instead of lots of singular products with crazy different designs and haphazard packaging, we’ve streamlined makeup design for compacts that are actually compact.

In an effort to save space and compile the entirety of your daily routine into the palm of your hand, you can now choose which products you want to build your look and create your stack to reflect that. 

When you aren’t out and about, your Stack only takes up one or two inches of counter space on your vanity or desk, helping you bring back the space you’ve lost over the years to dozens of superfluous regimen steps.

The Subtl Beauty Solution

The Subtl Beauty Makeup Stack is the bespoke solution to chaotic clutter, with purposeful components consisting of everything you need to get through your day and look great in the process. With the ability to buy as little or as much as you would like, every step twists together to offer you an innovative, all-in-one design unlike anything else on the market.

Whether it’s the type of morning where you need to be out the door in 30 seconds or you’re layering on a few more steps to step out in the evening, the magnificent modular design of our Makeup Stack is guaranteed to fit anywhere you need it, when you need it. 



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