Makeup Tips for your Common Makeup Woes

December 03, 2018 3 min read

Here's a quick list of resources for common makeup mishaps, and how to fix them in a pinch.

1. Faded Lip Color

faded lip color
Image courtesy of Seventeen

Lipstick is the one makeup product you will find yourself touching up the most throughout the day.

How To Prevent

Swap your lipstick for a lip rouge, tint or stain. These lip products have a much longer staying power than lipstick. Here are three products we recommend:

  1. Subtl Beauty Lip Cheek 
    | 3.5g ( $4 /g )
    Great staying power on the lips and can double as a cream blush which reduces space in your makeup bag.

  2. Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment 
    | 5.1g ( $5 /g )
    A lightweight formula that won't budge throughout the day.

  3. Dior Addict Lip Tattoo 
    $30 | 5.6g
    ( $5.3 /g )
    Once you get past the application learning curve, this is a great lipstick alternative for an all-day staying power.

How To Fix

Start with a clean slate by wiping away the existing product. Pay special attention to the edges of your lips and the dry spots. Pigment tends to latch onto those areas. Make sure your lips are completely dry and apply your product as needed.

2. Eyeshadow Crease

eyeshdow creasing
Image courtesy of Crissy Mac

How To Prevent

Opt for an eyeshadow primerand apply it prior to applying your eye makeup. While it may not prevent creasing completely, it will certainly reduce this issue.

How To Fix

Unless you've found the holy grail of eyeshadow primers, you're probably in the crease-category with the rest of us. Here's how to fix eyeshadow crease it in a pinch:

Layering extra coats of eyeshadow is No Bueno. It will only solve the problem for an hour or so and then you'll end up creasing even harder later in the day.

To keep that crease at bay, we recommend using your pinky finger to gently smudge your crease-line, each time you make a trip to the bathroom. This will ensure your product isn't building up in the crease and baking itself to the point of no return.

Heading out after work? If you have plans in the evening, then now is the time to freshen up your shadow without lugging around your entire makeup bag. We put together this easy tutorial for how to get a quick shadow look.

3. Accidently Racoon Eyes

mascara smudge
Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

If you have a sensitive under-eye area, then you're probably a victim of accidental raccoon eyes.

You know what we're talking about - that mid-day smudging when your mascara suddenly ends up under your eye (wth!) So annoying.

How To Prevent

Here's how to prevent mascara transfer - after your mascara has dried, apply a layer of clear brow gel. This locks the mascara in place and prevents your mascara from flaking. 

How To Fix

Don't make the mistake of trying to cover the mascara with more concealer. It will look cakey, and make your eyes appear darker. 

  1. Wipe away any product under the eye using your makeup wipes, or better still, we recommend opting for micellar water.

  2. Once you're looking good and clean under there, gently reapply a brightening concealerlike you did earlier that day. Blend the concealer out into the existing foundation using a makeup brush. You want to create a seamless canvas.

  3. Set with a shine control powder to lock the concealer in place.

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