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Meet Our Founder's Personal Makeup Stack

Have you ever wondered what's in our founder Rachel's stack? You're in luck! Today, she's revealing her must-haves! If you want to see these in action, check out this quick tutorial of her applying each product in the Founder's Stack


What's in her stack and why?

Lip Balm 

"I had to kick things off with my tried and true original lip balm because it's winter and my lips are dry AF."

Plum Lip & Cheek

"I love that even if I wear nothing else, a plum lip makes me look put together immediately."

Jelly Eyeshadow Duo 

"It's simply the best daily eyeshadow. I also use the shimmer as a white/neutral highlighter!"

Daytrip at Dawn Powder Blush

"The brown undertones in this shade help give me a sun-kissed look, which I definitely need right now."

Shine Control Powder

"When I wear foundation, I always finish with this! unlike most powders, this light formula subtly takes the shine away without making me look super dry."

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