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Meet the Balm Trio! Plus, 6 Lip Balm Tricks you need to know

Lip Balm Trio

You asked for it, so we made it: meet the Balm Trio.

Three ultra-hydrating lip balms in sweet-as-dessert flavors. We like to think we launched the Balm Trio at the perfect time. No one likes flakey lips, right? Luckily, our Lip Balm is formulated with moisturizing ingredients, like protective Shea Butter, collagen-producing Coconut Oil, and rejuvenating Vitamin E, to keep them looking their very best.

Here’s a look at the flavors:

Chai: Warm up with this toasty flavor that's just as delish as your favorite mug of spiced chai.

Sugar Cookie: There's nothing better than cookies fresh from the oven. When the mood strikes, apply a few swipes for a sweet treat.

Vanilla Mint: This flavor is the best of both worlds: refreshing with a warm vanilla finish.

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Lip Balm Trio

6 Lip Balm Tricks you need to know

Everyone on our team has added a balm or two to their stacks. In addition to keeping lips hydrated and protected from the cold, we have a few other lip balm tricks we’d love to share!

Tame Flyaway Hairs
You know those annoying little wispy hairs that always seem to stick out by your hairline? Smooth them into place with a dab of lip balm.

Keep Eyebrows in Place
We love thick and full eyebrows, but they require upkeep too! Tidy up stray hairs by smoothing them down with some lip balm.

Erase Mascara Smudges
We’re not perfectionists around here and mascara smudges happen. Thankfully, it can be easily fixed! Next time you’re touching up your mascara and some product smudges near the eyes, just apply a little lip balm to the area and wipe it off with a tissue or q-tip.

Hydrate Under Eyes
The skin under the eyes is delicate and any wrinkles or creases under the eyes can become more prominent if this area isn’t properly hydrated! Lip Balm can add a boost of hydration in a pinch if you’re without your eye cream. This area requires a gentle touch, we suggest applying with the tip of your ring finger or a soft brush.

Use as Highlighter
Our balms feature ingredients that are not only good for your lips, they’re also great for your skin. Add a swipe of lip balm to your cheekbones for a dewy, lit-from-within glow.

Soften Cuticles
No need to pick up cuticle oil or cream! Apply a little lip balm to your nail beds to add moisture.

Ready to add some Lip Balm to your Subtl stack? Shop the Balm Trio!

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