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pauline tries stak 2.0!

curious what a pro MUA thinks of the new subtl stak? then this is the video for you!

hey, it's Pauline from Zilch Beauty! today i'm thrilled to bring you a video that's been a long time coming: unboxing and trying out the highly anticipated subtl beauty stak 2.0!

this might just be one of my all-time favorite moments. many of you know me from this channel, and my journey with subtl has spanned nearly five years. their revolutionary stak concept has transformed the world of makeup by making it portable, user-friendly, and of course, using only high quality formulas.

the transformation

last week, a package arrived at my doorstep, looking a bit different than usual. this signaled the beginning of a new era for subtl, and i'm beyond excited to be among the first to experience this groundbreaking change!

as a subtl enthusiast, i'm well-acquainted with their iconic staks. however, the new stak 2.0 unveils a fresh and contemporary packaging design. the new exterior boasts an updated look with vibrant colors and a revised logo. 

a closer look:

while the signature functionality of the stak remains unchanged, there are several noteworthy enhancements. let's delve into the details and explore the exciting updates:

  1. enhanced stak size: the stak has grown, offering a wider and larger format compared to its predecessor. this evolution provides more space for creativity while maintaining its practicality.

  2. convenient mirror: a brilliant addition to the new stak is the twistable mirror on the top lid. this portable mirror attachment is a game-changer, making on-the-go touch-ups a breeze.

  3. durable build and grip: the stak's physical structure has been upgraded to ensure durability. the material is now sturdier and easier to grip, and the threads were redesigned to prevent the layers from sticking together.

exploring the products

the subtl beauty stak 2.0 still includes our tried-and-true favorites alongside exciting new additions. the beauty of these staks lies in the ability to mix, match, and personalize your makeup routine. i'm excited to showcase the range of products they've sent my way:

  1. lip and cheek: these fresh & vibrant shades got updated names like "mauve in the maldives," "terracotta tour guide," "passport to plum," and the striking "hibiscus highway," capturing the essence of travel and adventure.

  2. bronzer: the bronzer in the shade "leche" is the perfect addition to the lineup. it's a little lighter than the rest and is the perfect natural bronzed glow i've been looking for.

  3. concealer: the concealer now includes better coverage and the names were updated to indicate the undertones, making shade selection even more tailored to individual needs. i'm trying the shade 002C today which caters to cool undertones, a perfect match for my complexion.

first impressions

as i applied the concealer, i appreciated the greater coverage with the same hydrating consistency as before, effortlessly blending in for a seamless finish. i followed that with the shine control powder, leaving my skin looking polished and shine-free.

the bronzer added warmth to my complexion, boasting a neutral tone that complements my skin perfectly. my cheeks came alive with the stunning hibiscus highway lip and cheek, instantly elevating my look with its vibrant pop of color. and, as always, the multitasking highlighter illuminated my features and added a touch of radiance.

embracing change

the subtl beauty stak 2.0 is a testament to the brand's evolution and commitment to excellence. their dedication to crafting user-friendly, high-quality products remains unwavering, as seen in the enhancements and new shades. their journey has taken them to new heights, and i'm excited to witness their continued success.

stay tuned for more updates and tutorials featuring the subtl beauty stak 2.0. if you haven't subscribed yet, now's the perfect time to join the subtl beauty community. let's celebrate this new chapter and embrace the beauty of change. until next time!

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