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Pressed Powder: Why Powder Makeup Is the Standard

Pressed Powder: Why Powder Makeup Is the Standard

There’s no question — dewy, glassy skin is one of the most trendy ways to give your face that fresh-out-of-the-shower glow. However, this look isn’t always comfortable for everyday use, especially if you need your look to last all day. 

Humid climates, long days out of the house, and busy schedules make it almost too easy for this look to slip and slide into disaster territory. Sure, it’s fun to follow along with trends, but even when you want to look as glowy as possible, you’ll like still want to set some of your makeup, too. This is exactly why powder makeup will always be the standard. 

1. Everything Needs To Be Set With Powder Anyway

Whether you have oily skin or not, cream cosmetics need to be set with some sort of powder. If they are not set into place, you run a risk of them slipping off of your skin. The oil your skin naturally produces can cause pigment to fade away, separate, or settle into fine lines, meaning that gorgeous glow will fade as the day goes on. 

Humidity and high temperatures can further accelerate this process, wiping everything out within a matter of minutes, and can even turn your skin into a breeding ground for bacteria if moisture is not kept at bay. 

Anyone living on the coast or in the south, or who has to regularly travel below ground to take a train understands what it’s like to get hit with a double whammy in this area. Whether it’s concealer, cream blush, or contour, it’s a great idea to set the product with at least a light layer of translucent powder

After translucent powder, you may even elect to go over other cream products with their powder counterparts to really enhance your contouring and blush and make sure it lasts. Our powder Bronzer is silky and natural-looking, and it helps eliminate free radicals with a green tea extract infusion. Our Powder Blush is the perfect flattering counterpart to bring an additional pop of color and set your Lip and Cheek rouge in place.

Our translucent powder is lightweight, won’t make your face look cakey, absorbs oil, and even offers a layer of protection from blue light rays. Furthermore, every purchase comes with a complimentary Stack Brush BFF, a fluffy, retractable brush with a lid, making it the perfect accompaniment for on-the-go touch-ups.

2. What Do You Touch Up With?

When it comes to touching up throughout the day, what do you normally use? Powder.

If you’ve already set your look earlier in the day with a layer of translucent powder, it’s not exactly a great idea to layer cream products on top of everything else. This mixing and layering can make your face look tacky, unnatural, and not so pretty by the end of the day. This is because layering a cream on top of a powder often causes the products to pill and apply unevenly — not exactly what you’re going for here. .

If you are reapplying multiple powder products throughout the day, consider adding our Dry Brush Cleaner to your makeup stack. Our cleaner pads don’t require water, making it simple to clean between reapplications. 

All you need to do is swirl your brush around a few times, and the mesh material will get between every bristle to remove leftover pigment and prevent the other colors from mixing together.

3. Trends Will Come and Go, but Sometimes the Old Ways Are the Best

Glowy, dewy glass skin is one of the most popular trends on TikTok and Instagram to actually make it into real life and our daily routines. Also referred to as glazed donut skin and used as part of the “clean girl aesthetic,” the trend is supposed to make your skin look like you are fresh out of the shower, just moisturized, and sporting a naturally lit from within vibe. 

We admit we are a fan of this trend in favor of flaunting your natural skin … But only when it works. All it takes is a little humidity, a heat wave, or a few minutes out in the sun to take your glowy skin and turn your trendy aura into a total oil slick. This is especially problematic for those of us living in a toasty, humid climate.

The great thing about the classics is that they will never ever go out of style. Smooth, natural skin will never become a “fad” and it is attainable for everyone no matter their skin type, texture, or the climate they live in. 

A clean, natural look, designed to bring out the best in yourself will flatter every skin tone and age, and trump every trend, no matter what type of year it is or what type of environment you may live in, and the right powder can help you attain that.

4. Powder Is the Only Way To Attain Long-Lasting Airbrushed Perfection

Texture is nothing to be ashamed of — everyone has some texture in their skin. The problem with social media is that this is not always (a.k.a. rarely) shown. 

Sometimes, highlighters, glimmery products, and other formulas consisting of reflective particles can get trapped in our pores and build up on the rough and uneven bumps on our skin. It highlights your skin but in all the wrong ways. This can not only draw attention to those imperfections, but also make them look more prominent than they actually are.

Unfortunately, moisture, oil, and sweat can make even the smoothest of skin look rough and textured, even if you aren’t wearing a highlighter. Powder is quite literally the only product that will transform your face into something photoshoot worthy. 

For areas where you may have large pores, try taking our Mini Applicator and swirling it around your translucent pressed powder before pressing the product onto the skin. Not only will the pressing help your concealer or foundation really melt into the skin, but it will force the powder to really stick on top of it, providing you with the ultimate flawless top layer. 

This technique can be used wherever else you may have concentrated concealer, like on the under eyes, or where you have spot concealed blemishes. 

When using the Mini Applicator, take care to not drag the powder across your face. Instead of giving you airbrushed perfection, it will instead rub your foundation or concealer away and create streaks on the skin.

5. You Don’t Have To Wash Your Brushes Quite As Often

Whether you are using a makeup sponge, a powder puff, or a brush, they will all need a good washing down the moment one of them touches a liquid or cream product. Creams and liquids left over on your tools will act as a bit of a magnet for your powders, causing them to stick together in clumps. 

This leads to globs of leftover product on your face, an uneven application, the unwanted smear of brown pigments across your face, and a gradual buildup of bacteria. Once a cream or liquid touches your tool, it has to be washed and laid out to dry, and this takes a lot of time. 

While we do recommend you regularly clean your brushes, you won’t need to do this daily. Powders can easily be wiped off in mere minutes, without any unnecessary drying downtime. Again, our Dry Brush Cleaner makes it super simple to clean off extra pigment with just a few swipes.

Pressed Powder for the Win

Trends may come and go but the classic solutions tend to stick around for good reason. From setting your look in place first thing in the morning to touch-ups later on throughout the day, pressed powder is the golden standard for making sure you can put your best foot forward at any hour of the day. 

Our translucent powder is an essential addition to your Makeup Stack, and all of our components can be purchased separately. With every purchase including a free Stack Brush BFF, we at Subtl Beauty can promise a flawless face and easy application, no matter what season of life you may be in.



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