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Quick & Easy Full Face Look Using the New Peach Collection

Our long-awaited Peach Collection is finally here! This collection is filled with warm, wearable and oh-so wonderful shades in your favorite Subtl formulas. In this tutorial, Pauline shows us how she wears these peachy picks! 

Products used:

Peach Sorbet Lip Balm
You're a Peach Blush
Peach Fizz Highlighter
Barely Peach Eyeshadow Duo



Hi everyone, happy fall! It’s Pauline from Zilch Beauty, back with another Subtl tutorial.

Today I'm gonna be talking about the Subtl Peach Collection. It's a four piece set of a highlighter, eyeshadow duo, blush, and lip balm. You can buy them all individually, so I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna use 'em today. So first things first for me is always making sure my lips are super nourished, so I'm gonna go in with the lip balm. I love the smell. This is the Peach Sorbet flavor. Oh my gosh, I love this lip balm. You can see it's pretty thick, but I can just feel it soaking into my lips. Especially as the season is starting to change, I feel like I need a little bit more nourishment. So I love that this is part of the stack. 

I’ve already done my face. I have foundation concealer, bronzer, and I did my eyebrows. I'm gonna go into the next product here, which is the powder peach blush. You’re A Peach is the name of it. And I'm gonna use a blush brush and just add that on top of my bronzer. This is a powder blush, so not a cream like their lip and cheek, but it is fairly pigmented. So I like to kind of just dab a little bit on the back of my hand first. And I like to start it right in the middle of my cheek and then work it upwards so it gives you that really nice, lively color without it being too intense or poppy for the fall. You can throw a little bit across the nose, maybe up around the forehead if you want. But I really just love this color. I just think it's so fresh and pretty. 

Now let's go onto the powder highlighter, Peach Fizz. Look how pretty this is. I absolutely love it. I'm gonna use the other end of my brush for a more pointed application and I'm just gonna pat that right on top of the highest point of my cheekbone on both sides, a little bit on the nose and then maybe a little bit up here. Sometimes when I'm getting really specific I'll just use my finger. I'll do a little bit in the inner corner of my eye, but not too much cuz we're gonna end with the eyeshadow. Look how nice and glowy that is without being too shiny or pigmented. I love, love that new addition of powder shade for highlighter. 

The last step is gonna be going into the eyeshadow duo. This one is called Barely Peach. So I'm gonna take our dual ended brush, and I like to start with the more neutral shade in my crease, and then we can build it up with that peach shade. So in the crease, I'm gonna take the more slanted side of the brush and I'm gonna keep it at its fullest capacity at its fluffiest, and I'm gonna get that more neutral tone. And I'm just gonna work it into that outer corner. I like to flick a little bit out. I use the natural shape of the the brush to kind of help guide where that pigment will sit. These are fairly pigmented, but they're easy to blend as well. And there I just have built a little bit of depth. 

Now I'm gonna flip over to the fluffier side and start to grab that peach shade, how bright! And I'm gonna start just swiping it across from the inner corner to meet that outer corner on the flat part of the lid. So I'm kind of just filling in that gap of the lid that I didn't really touch yet and I like to just sweep it across for an even distribution. That way it feels more connected. And then you can decide if you wanna build from there. 

It’s a really soft shade right now. So let's add a little more and then we can also bring a little down around the bottom part. I'm gonna tighten up this brush a little bit. I love these retractable brushes because you can make them more fluffy or dense. I'm gonna make it a little more dense and I'm actually gonna mix these two shades and I'm just going to sweep it across that under-eye at the lower lash line and kind of connect it. This is gonna brighten and pop that under-eye and also just bring a little bit of fun. Look at that! Really pretty. And then if you ever feel like it's too much, go back to that fluffy side. Take the pointy side and just blend that out. 

And then for a final step, I'm gonna go back into that Peach Fizz highlighter. I'm gonna use my finger and go back into that inner corner now that I have those other shades down, just to give a little bit of shimmer and kind of make what we put down pop. And there you have a look using the brand new Subtl Peach set! If you liked this video, definitely check out the rest of our YouTube channel. We have tons of quick and easy tutorials that are really fun and simple to watch. So hopefully you enjoy and we'll be back with more soon!

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