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quick & easy minimalist makeup using stak 2.0

hey there! I'm Rachel, the founder and CEO of subtl. today, I'm excited to walk you through a slower full-face makeup tutorial using only the new stak. our portable and customizable makeup stacks are designed for busy, badass people on the go, so let's dive into my go-to minimalist makeup look!  

step 1: even out your skin tone

to start our minimalist makeup routine, I'm going to use the cream concealer in the shade 003N. (not 002C - oops!) this concealer doubles as a light foundation, providing easy coverage to even out my skin tone. its thin and movable texture allows for effortless application, making it perfect for those on the go. 

step 2: hydrate your lips

next, I apply a little lip balm to keep my lips hydrated. This creates a smooth and cushiony base for the lip and cheek product we'll use later.

step 3: add a pop of color

now, let's introduce some color to our look with lip and cheek in the shade terracotta tour guide (formerly known as dusty rose). I like to apply it in a C shape, starting from the top of my cheekbone and stopping just before the outer corner of the eye. in my opinion, it's the perfect effortless placement. use two fingers to blend the product evenly and speed up the process. using fingers works wonders, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin, like me –– the patting motion ensures a natural and radiant finish.

step 4: bring the color down to your lips

to tie the look together, use the same lip and cheek color on your lips. this harmonizes the overall appearance, giving you a cohesive and glowing look.

step 5: warm up with bronzer

now, let's add some warmth to our complexion with bronzer. I like to use the super soft mini brush included with the stak to achieve precise placement. for my longer face shape, I like to apply the bronzer around the outskirts of my face, under my cheekbones, and around my chin to create the illusion of a shorter face. my favorite hack? embrace the versatility of the bronzer by using it as a natural eyeshadow to bring the whole look together.

that's it!

with just 4 products from my subtl stak, I've achieved a glowing minimalist makeup look. our easy-to-use and portable makeup products are perfect for the busy, badass individuals who love embracing their natural beauty. in just 5 minutes, you'll ready to rock the day confidently and effortlessly!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
515 reviews

Cream Concealer

lightweight & dewy to blur imperfections.
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Original Unflavored
Original Unflavored

Lip Balm

this silky balm is the definition of lip service.
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Terracotta Tour Guide
Terracotta Tour Guide
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
496 reviews

Lip and Cheek

jojoba-infused cream tint for lips and cheeks.
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a silky, matte finish for a natural touch of sun.
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