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Sunkissed Coral Makeup Tutorial

Coral Lip + Cheek is giving us serious summer vibes! Don't let the bright, pigmented shade fool you—it creates the perfect, warm glow on your cheeks. In this Coral makeup tutorial, Pauline creates a sunkissed look that we can't wait to recreate.

Products used:

Coral Lip + Cheek 
Chai Bronzer
Champagne Highlighter

Embrace Summer Vibes with Coral Lip & Cheek

Hey everyone! Pauline here from Zilch Beauty, and I am absolutely thrilled to share this tutorial with you. As the first day of summer approaches, we're shining the spotlight on the stunning Coral shade. It's the perfect color to rock this summer, and I can't wait to show you how to use it. This versatile shade suits various complexions, skin tones, and ages, making it a must-have for everyone under the sun.

Build a Summery Glow with Bronzer

To create a just-came-from-the-beach look, I'll be using the Coral Lip and Cheek along with the Chai Bronzer and Champagne Highlighter from Subtl Beauty. This combination will give us a glow that perfectly captures the essence of summer. Let's begin by applying the Chai Bronzer. Using my own brush, I start at the point of my hairline and gently pull the color down, stamping it into the skin. Next, I buff it up and blend it into my hairline. Remember, always buff your bronzer upward for a lifted effect. I repeat the same steps on the other side, adding a touch to the sides of my nose and the outer corner of my eyes. To complete the sun-kissed effect, I apply a bit of bronzer to my neck and chest, making sure to blend it behind the ears and onto the jawline.

Apply Coral for a Flattering Sheen

Now it's time to use the Coral Lip and Cheek. If you're new to this product, here's a pro tip: warm it up with your finger. The creamy texture of this shade makes it easy to work with. I disperse the product onto two fingers and start at the middle of my cheekbone, using circular motions and gradually making the circle larger. Look at how beautiful that is! Despite its vibrant appearance, Coral is surprisingly flattering and easy to apply. It provides a buildable sheen rather than a heavy stain, and you can even apply it across the bridge of your nose for an extra sun-kissed touch. To enhance the blend with the bronzer, I gently buff Coral into my hairline. The warm tones seamlessly merge, creating a gorgeous effect.

Illuminate with Champagne Highlighter

Now let's add the final touch of radiance with the Champagne Highlighter. I sweep this luminous shade on the areas where the light naturally hits, creating a beautiful highlighted effect. I gently press and buff the highlighter on the high points of my face. Additionally, I apply a touch of it on my eyelids to amplify that gorgeous glow. With this step complete, I move on to my brows and lashes.

Finishing Touch: A Pop of Coral for the Lips

We're almost there! For the finishing touch, I add a little extra Coral Lip and Cheek on my lips, giving them a final pop of color. Just a touch is all you need to complete the look. Oh, I absolutely adore this shade! It's the perfect addition to your makeup kit for the summer months.

Embrace Coral for Effortless Summer Beauty

There you have it—your face is beautifully sun-kissed and glowing. I hope you found this tutorial helpful for using the Coral Lip and Cheek. Trust me, it's a game-changer for achieving that effortless summer beauty. Don't hesitate to give it a try and enjoy the vibrant and radiant look it brings. Stay tuned for more exciting videos coming your way soon. Bye for now!

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