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Top Makeup Tips to Look More Awake

Bye-bye, puffy eyes.

Pauline is back with her top pro makeup artist tips on how to look more awake. There’s nothing worse than a sleepless night. Instead of repeatedly hitting the snooze button, we have a few tips that will help you fake a full eight hours of sleep.

Concealer and Highlighter are must-haves for eyes that need a bit of perking up. Concealer covers up dark circles, while Highlighter adds a soft glow to the skin. You'll be looking more awake in no time! Pauline takes you step-by-step in this tutorial.


Achieve Awake-Looking Eyes
Hello Everyone! Pauline here from Zilch Beauty. A Certified Makeup Artist and here with subtl stak again, to show you a quick and easy tutorial just using three of their subtl stak products to help you get more awake looking eyes. So I feel like my eye area is definitely the one area of my face that I can tend to get a little insecure about. I naturally have some deeper tear trough that give me a natural shadow. And so even though I've gotten sleep, I can sometimes look like I haven't. So if you've watched any of my tutorials before, I'm a huge fan of skin prep and skin prep to me starts with cleansing the skin. So this might be a no-brainer, but make sure that your face is clean in the morning, especially if you wore makeup the night before. Sometimes I'll get clients that come in and they still have like mascara or eyeliner that's running around their eye area that's dipping into the under eye area, which can naturally cause discoloration due to the dark pigments.

Skin Prep Essentials: Start with Cleanse and Hydration
Make sure you are cleansed and totally makeup removed. And then next step is always applying an eye cream. I am such a big fan of eye cream. I like to prep just by getting it on my ring finger and just lightly tapping it in those areas that I need a little extra nourishment. Biggest reason I love eye cream, it's because number one, it's giving hydration and moisture to that under eye area, which a lot of times when you look tired it's lack of hydration both internally and sometimes externally. Drinking water is another huge tip. Making sure that you are hydrated is always going to help with that blood flow underneath the eye area. But making sure that you are also hydrated and moisturized from the outside with an eye cream is going to be a great first step before you start applying any makeup.

Subtl Beauty's Solution for Awakened Eyes
Once you give that eye cream a minute or two to dry down, you can get any residue also in the tops of your lids just to kind of give that area some awake-ness as well. But I'm gonna go right into my stak. I had three products here. I'm gonna start with my concealer. I'm in the shade Arlington and I like to start with my finger and I like to focus the majority of my product in the areas that I personally need some help the most. So like I talked about this tear trough area right here. And then I also get a little bit of like shadowing and some vein discoloration on my outer eye area. So I like to just use my finger to really pat the product in and then any extra residue I will help carry throughout that middle section of my under eye.

Tips for a Crease-Free Finish
This helps with creasing. A lot of people will apply a heavy amount of under-eye product throughout the whole under-eye. And typically when we smile the creases of our eyes form right in the middle to outer area. So you want to avoid putting too much product in that area so that you won't crease and you really just get that coverage where you need it. Now, I'm gonna go in with a second layer here. I'm just dipping in with my finger into the Arlington shade. And again, I'm pushing it into the skin in those two areas. And then anything extra I will just kind of buff in with my finger to make sure it looks cohesive underneath the eye. Now some of us also get discoloration on our eyelids. I can get a little bit red. So - I am also gonna take a little bit of that Arlington shade and just lightly bring it across my lid to brighten the area.

Illuminating Inner Corners for a Radiant Look
And you can see a difference. Look at these two sides. This looks much more bright versus this side a little more on this side. I enjoy using my finger for the subtl concealers, especially if you're going with the day-to-day looks. It's up to you. You can keep layering from there based on your needs or you can let it dry down for a bit. My next best tip is going to be to use the shine control powder. I'm gonna use the retractable brush today. I'm just gonna buff anything that was on here on the back of my hand and I'm gonna get it really dense. I personally love to powder, but in a very specific way. I don't like big powder brushes where you swipe a ton of product all over the under-eye. Again, I really wanna focus just in those areas that I need that extra brightness.

Using Highlighter to Create an Eye-Opening Halo
Tap it into that inner corner on top of where I placed that first amount of product and then I'm going to set it on those outer corners. And then anything extra again, I will just lightly dab across the rest of my under-eye. And then again, you can bring a little bit of that powder on top of the eyelids if you did put some concealer there just because sometimes, I don't know if you notice that if you just leave concealer on the lids, you'll see that it kind of gets into the nooks and crannies and of the creases of the lids and you wanna make sure that you are powdering out that cream so that you don't crease on the eyelids as well. So already feeling much better, and much more awake. I'm gonna use my fingers again, this is a very sheer gold highlighter, but highlighting the areas of the eye that need a little brightness is really gonna be your best friend.
The areas that I like to highlight are usually the inner corner. So I'm just picking up a little bit of that highlighter with my pinky and I'm putting it right in that nook, both on top of the inner corner of the lid and also in the inner corner against the bridge of my nose. And you can see it just kind of gives that extra pop of brightness where there's usually a bit of a shadow. So I'm doing the same thing on this side. You can already see a difference there. And then you can also bring a little bit of that highlighter right in the middle of the lid and up toward that crease using that same champagne highlight. Reason is that when light hits the top of your lid, it reflects and if we can create a reflection on that top lid that kind of bounces upward, it's gonna make the eye just a little more wide a.k.a. little more awake.

Enhancing Light Reflection for Vibrant Eyes
As you can see it's almost like this little halo moment right in the middle there. We also tend to get a little bit of a highlight point right under our brow bone. So if you want to take your pinky and use that champagne highlighter and just lightly swipe it across the brow bone, again, it's just gonna help light reflect where you want it to. Instead of giving a shadow, I like to only apply mascara on the top lashes when I wanna look more awake just to avoid any darker product falling into that area that we just took so much time brightening. So there you have it. Some really easy tricks to create a really bright eye look that really will take less than five minutes. Hopefully, you found this helpful and we'll be back with more videos soon.
Bye, everyone.
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