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Travel Makeup Brush Set for a Flawless Look on the Go

Travel Makeup Brush Set For A Flawless Look On The Go

Even when you’re on the go, you still need a way to apply or touch up your makeup. But no one wants to lug around an entire makeup kit when they have a train to catch or an event to sit through. What’s a makeup lover to do?

Whether you opt for our simple three-step Makeup Stack, the Starter Stack consisting of five popular items, or purchase one of everything, our Four-Piece Brush Set is the perfect way to guarantee a flawless application in any setting. 

Consisting of larger face brushes to apply both cream and powder products, a two-sided eyeshadow brush, and a lip brush, all of your needs are met. Plus, the set easily fits into your work tote, carry-on bag, or purse, taking up a minimal amount of space. These are the travel brushes of your dreams.

Start With a Brush To Apply Base Products

You want to use a sturdier face brush when applying liquid or cream products like foundation or cream blush. Fluffier brushes with less sturdy bristles will only smear the product, instead of giving you a smooth application. They also don’t provide the pressure you need and won’t be able to properly press liquid or cream products into place.

Our stippling brush is a full, flat top brush great for cream products. We like to use this for all-over face application and to really stamp product into the skin for full coverage.

If you’re really strapped for space, you can use our Cream Concealer as a sort of foundation. This is a particularly popular option for travelers who may not have a ton of room for extra liquids in their carry-on. If you’re going this route, swirl your finger around in the pan a few times, and then dab it onto your face, working in sections. Take the stippling brush and blend the concealer into the skin. 

Once it’s all been blended, stamp over it a few times all over to make sure the product is set into your skin and there are no accidental streaks left behind. Avoid dragging the product in different directions — this can cause visible stripes and will enhance any rough or bumpy patches on your skin.

If you’re using a darker concealer shade for cream contour or bronzing, our stippling brush is an excellent tool to blend in that deeper pigment effortlessly. It’s also an excellent tool for taking our Lip and Cheek rouge from a quiet tint to a vibrant, vivacious addition to your regimen. 

You’ll Need Something To Apply Powders

A fluffy powder brush is great for applying powder products all over your face and locking in your cream products. We like to use our powder brush for translucent powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter. 

The Dry Brush Cleaner makes it easy to move between the different steps without leftover pigment from other steps getting smeared all over your face. It’s also an easy way to keep your products a little cleaner in general.

Lightly swirl our Shine Control Pressed Powder all over your face to set concealer, absorb excess oil throughout the day, or for an added layer of protection against harmful blue light rays. You can then dip directly into your bronzer and sweep it onto the top and side of your forehead, bringing it down to your cheeks, and lightly onto your jawline for a little definition.

Next, remove excess bronzer using the Dry Brush Cleaner, swirl on a little blush, remove that, then go in with a highlighter. Within a few short minutes, you’ll have cruised through a big chunk of your makeup routine. 

Make Your Peepers Pop With an Eyeshadow Brush

The Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush gives you everything you need to create an eye look with dimension in a flash. One side is light and fluffy, making it easy to sweep eyeshadow onto your lid and up into the crease for a base or a bit of a transition shade. The other side is a little more sturdy for occasions where you may want to pack color onto your lid, or even create an “eyeshadow as eyeliner” look. 

Don’t Forget the Lip Brush

The smallest and sturdiest of the brushes in our travel set, the lip brush is made up of firm, curved bristles to allow for a more precise application of Lip and Cheek rouge to your pout. While it is called the lip brush, we have found it can actually serve a few purposes in your makeup routine. 

If you’re trying to create a more intense eyeshadow with super vibrant colors, the lip brush is a great tool to really pack product onto the lid for an opaque punch of pigment. Using a sturdy brush like this one is also an easy way to intensify shimmery shadows.

Another Awesome Addition 

If you want a more opaque application of our Cream Concealer or Shine Control Pressed Powder, you could also try using our Mini Applicators. If your under-eye circles are really putting you through it and you just need a little something extra to help you out, use the Mini Applicator to gently pat our Cream Concealer onto the area. 

Unlike a makeup sponge or your fingers, our Mini Applicator won’t absorb any of the product and will ensure it all ends up on your face. Sized just right to perfectly fit into your Makeup Stack, they are easy to take on the go for days when you might want a little more holding power. 

Just Brush and Go

No matter if you opt for the full set of brushes, some individual items, or you stick with a Mini Applicator, we at Subtl Beauty designed our makeup brushes to be the perfect supporting cast members to your cosmetic ensemble. With smart and efficient ways to store, transport, and clean these brushes, they truly are the perfect other half to complete any look.



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