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Travel Makeup Organizer: Traveling With Makeup Made Easy

Travel Makeup Organizer: Traveling With Makeup Made Easy

Many of us will go above and beyond to ensure we have the items we need with us when we travel. We've found hacks to organize our shoes, we've rolled instead of folded, and we've discovered the joy of packing cubes. Even with all these smart new packing techniques, though, it's still difficult to create a travel makeup bag that gives you easy access to the essentials and gets you through the TSA.

In addition to the physical size, ounce, and weight limitations already put on a travel makeup organizer bag, plenty of other conundrums come up with travel makeup and skincare. 

At Subtl Beauty, we’ve made it our mission to make it effortless to get ready in the morning and to totally revolutionize travel beauty products. Say goodbye to the clunky cosmetic bag, and hello to a new kind of travel case.

Packing, Unpacking, and Repacking Made Easy

Both personal and professional trips can trigger strong emotions about packing and traveling. If you're in business or first class, you're golden! But that’s not always the case. Many of us travel economy, meaning we're squished into an uncomfortable seat with a weekender bag under our feet. Not exactly ideal travel conditions.

Traveling economy often means having to confine all our belongings to a single under-seat bag, paying more to check a bag, or even having our carry-on baggage checked and possibly lost. For last-minute situations, this may not matter too much, but if you're toting precious cargo, including jewelry or a bridesmaid dress for a wedding, this will be something you'll want to avoid at all costs.

If you can help it, make it a point to keep your essentials on hand and immediately accessible. A big part of this obviously consists of limiting how many liquid and cream products you stuff into your cosmetics case. 

Luckily, all of our products at Subtl Beauty are solid, allowing you to completely avoid the dilemmas of the 3-1-1 rule if you’re flying. Plus, if you encounter a weather-related delay or something beyond anyone's control, you'll be thankful to have your toiletries, travel cosmetic bag, a change of clothes, and other valuable items with you.

Be Prepared

The process of shopping, packing, getting ready to go out of town, finding transportation, and making your way through the airport like you're part of a cattle herd can dampen the vibe of any vacation. With so many things that could go wrong, it's not a bad idea to stack the deck in your favor from the get-go.

Of all the things that can really ruin the process of leaving for your destination and trying to get home, the biggest headaches we most frequently encounter are: 

  • Delays and cancellations
  • Lost luggage
  • Heavy luggage
  • Misplaced passport, credit card, or other essentials

While we can't totally avoid all of these nightmare scenarios, there are a few things we can do to make them a little more bearable.

If you suffer from a huge delay or your flight is postponed till the next day, keeping toiletries, a change of clothes, a bit of makeup, and other valuables physically with you and out of your checked baggage will ensure you have what you need when you're in a pinch. 

A Few Helpful Tips

Here are a few helpful tips for making your trip easier.

1. Travel Light

Everyone wants to look fabulous when they're on vacation. We want to be the person in the crowd that others turn to look at because we look so amazing. And who said you needed to have a full wardrobe or the cosmetic pouch of a makeup artist to do that?

In reality, you can pack light and still achieve incredible, stylish looks while you’re traveling. All you really need are a few outfits along with your best makeup essentials and maybe one or two favorite standout products like an extra eyeshadow palette to add some color or your handy Dry Brush Cleaner to keep your looks as crisp as possible. 

Traveling with lots of clothing and makeup options can not only be expensive, but the number of choices and combinations to choose from can create more stress than it's worth. You want to spend your travel time exploring new wonders, not stuck in your hotel room weighing your makeup and clothing options.

2. Bring Versatile Products

Packing items with multiple uses is a great way to help you travel light. Don’t bring ten different makeup palettes, five nail polish colors, and a dozen makeup brushes with a collapsible brush holder — seriously. 

Instead, take a cohesive and comprehensive Makeup Stack that consists of everything you need. You’ll have important products like your Concealer, Blush, and Shine Control Pressed Powder all in one place, ready to use when you need them.

3. Limit What's in Your Travel Toiletry Bag

If you can limit what you bring and compact your most important belongings into your makeup pouch or travel cosmetic organizer, you’ll enjoy not just a lighter load but also a more organized journey. 

Paring down the packing list will make navigating through any airport a more pleasant experience, as you won't have a 20-pound personal item hanging off your shoulder. And when it comes time to stow your bag under your seat, you won't be trying to cram it underneath while trying not to break anything.

4. Pack Related Items Together

Even if you've chosen to travel light and condensed the items in your bag down to the essentials, it’s still easy for things to get jostled around and lost (we all know how easy it is to lose things in even the tiniest of purses).

One thing that can help prevent things from getting lost, or at least make them easier to find, is packing related products together. If your storage case has a lot of small pockets or compartments, you can pack similar items all together in them, such as having a travel accessories section for your headphones and portable chargers, a section for just skincare, and a section for just makeup. You can also use small plastic bags or reusable zipper pouches to keep your items organized.

5. Stay Tidy

When we were little kids, our parents stressed the importance of keeping our rooms clean. As adults, it's tough to feel productive and really at ease with a messy kitchen and chaotic workspace. The same goes for the storage bag that holds your lip gloss, water-resistant mascara, and eyeliner.

One place you definitely don't want to bring chaos, mess, and confusion is into your travel cosmetic case or hotel room. That’s why our Makeup Stacks were designed to simplify your routine and keep your travel makeup case neat and tidy by compacting everything into one smart little cylinder. 

Whether you only need three steps or want to pick up one of everything we carry, your Makeup Stack will take up minimal space and will make your makeup case the tidiest it's ever been.

6. Pack the Night Before

While we may get "most of our stuff" ready the night before a trip, few of us can say that we are truly 100% packed the night before a trip. We may often say that we just need to "throw in a few things quickly," but that's rarely the case. It's more often us rushing to get the last few things packed into our bag within the last few minutes before we really need to leave.

This last-minute chaos not only causes stress in the moment, but if a few crucial things we needed got missed in the frenzy, it will also cause stress later. Do yourself and any of your travel companions a favor and be sure you’re fully packed the night before.

This is also great to do the night before you come back home from a trip. You don't want to leave any of your precious souvenirs or your favorite Bronzer at your hotel or Airbnb. If you do, there's no guarantee that you'll get them back.

A Subtl Beauty Solution for Every Problem

When we designed our Makeup Stacks, we purposefully set out to create packaging that wouldn't get in your way and would fit inside any bag. Not only do we want your makeup to fit, but we also want you to be able to bring your essentials along with you and completely remove the word "sacrifice" from your travel vocabulary.

Travel isn't always easy, but the addition of a few smart products to your daily routine can make a pretty monumental difference. Multi-functional products, a sleek design, and components designed to free up space can help make traveling with cosmetics easier than it has ever been. 

No matter if you just want to bring a few basics along or your whole routine, we're here to offer you the things you need when you need them in a way that will benefit you and make your wanderlust experience an easy-going one.



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