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Travel Size Makeup: Maintain the Look With a Compact Kit

Travel Size Makeup: Maintain the Look With a Compact Kit

With the worst of COVID-19 seemingly behind us (fingers crossed), everyone across the globe seems to have one goal in mind for the coming year — traveling. After more than two years, some of us have forgotten how exciting it is to book a plane ticket, head to the airport, and sip on rosé until it's time to board. Many of us have also forgotten how rough packing is.

It’s been a while since we’ve had to cram everything into a carry-on, sit down on top of our suitcases in an effort to squeeze them shut, and lose the battle of trying to fit an extensive makeup routine into a way-too-small, quart-sized bag. In times like these, we all feel like ditching bulky travel items to save room for other more essential items, like skincare. 

This trend stretches much farther than the airport. Now, more than ever, people are warming up to simpler, more streamlined beauty routines and tossing out their giant palettes, bulky bottles, and not-so-compact compacts. And at Subtl Beauty, we want to help make it easier than ever to be an efficient girl (or guy!) on the go.

Keep reading to find out how travel size makeup products, like the ones here at Subtl Beauty, can help you pack light while still looking great.

Why Use Travel Size Makeup Kits?

Long gone are the days of full coverage foundation, celebrity-level contouring, crazy false lashes, and dramatic looks for our every day. What we all need is something simple, minimalistic, and flattering to help enhance our natural features — at least, when we’re on the go. 

Our Subtl Beauty Customizable Makeup Stacks allow you to buy exactly what you need with complementary, natural options for every occasion in your life. With one of these kits, you get your own personalized beauty routine in an ultra-portable form. That means you can simplify your makeup without sacrificing the looks you love.

Here are just a few of the ways that travel size makeup can make your everyday life simpler — even when you aren’t traveling. 

Avoid Self-Sabotage and Overpacking

The inevitable vacation overpacking has become a major point of meme culture, such as the unforgettable luggage cart piled high with dozens of suitcases for a weekend getaway or the super oversized bag for an overnight trip.

Why is it that we pack nine pairs of underwear for a three-day trip? Why do we need to check a 50-pound bag for a quick weekend getaway? We’re all definitely guilty of this, especially when it comes to our cosmetics and toiletries. 

While a lot of cosmetic companies have stepped up their game in the packaging departments with elaborate designs and shapely bottles, these aren’t always the most practical when it comes to traveling. 

A travel size makeup kit is a much more reasonable move — it helps you save space and avoid overpacking while still providing everything you need for your favorite looks.

Make Travel Simpler

The amount of space our bulky cosmetic products take up while traveling is insane. That’s why all of our Subtl Beauty products aren’t liquid-based, so they don't need to go inside a clear quart-sized bag when hopping on an airplane. That’s an inconvenience that nobody has time for, especially when you’re packing for a flight a few hours before takeoff.

Now, we can have all our makeup basics covered and still fill our clear bags to our hearts’ content with sunscreen, face oils, perfume, and hair products. Save some space — and time in the TSA line — with help from our travel-friendly products.

Simplify Your At-Home Beauty Routine

The disappearance of chaos around bathroom vanities is another amazing feeling you’ll get from switching to a Subtl Beauty routine. Mornings are often a mess, with bottles, brushes, and compacts sprawled across the counter. If you don’t put them back in just the right place after every use, your bathroom looks sloppy and disorganized. 

With a Subtl Beauty Stack, you pop open your Stack products, go through your routine, and close them. To clean up, you just can stack ‘em and put them to the side. Nothing is out of place, and it's one less thing to tidy up in your life. That goes for the vanity of your Airbnb, too! 

Summer Makeup Made Easy

It’s summertime, and for many people, that means it’s hot, hot, hot! While some people have an easy time going all out with their summer looks, that’s not the case for everyone. Depending on where you live, applying a full face of foundation, concealer, bronzer, powder, elaborate lipstick, and smokey eyes is the last thing on your mind. 

A little concealer, a pop of blush, some powder to set it all, and a moisturizing lip balm is the only thing you need when the temperature is in the 90s or above 100. This is another surprising time when travel size makeup kits can be lifesavers.

Plus, when many of us travel, we’re heading for warmer weather — hello, beach trip! That means you can still take advantage of packing makeup for the heat by strategically choosing your products for your trip. Enjoy your time in the sun, banish the winter blahs, and escape worries about your heavy makeup bag, all in one go.

Save Yourself From Decision Fatigue

It’s okay to admit it; you get overwhelmed when you have too many choices — and that applies to your makeup, too, especially when you’re traveling. 

A lot of people prefer to only be given two or three options, whether it's for a manicure color or a salad dressing. Too many choices can make any decision feel difficult, especially when it comes to the plethora of makeup options, and no one needs to waste valuable time choosing their makeup look when they could be out exploring their latest destination. That’s where travel size makeup kits come in handy — they simplify everything.

Many of us just want the makeup basics so we can look good without having to employ a full Kardashian-sized glam team (one can dream, though).

Our products take makeup back to the beginning with a few basic yet essential everyday products. With this literal handful of makeup, you can have a beautiful, natural look with colors that can easily transition from day to evening. You can go for one of our premade Makeup Stacks or try our Subtl Beauty quiz for a simple, personalized Makeup Stack created just for you.

Make Your Makeup Routine Portable

It never fails — we could have all the time in the world on a given morning to get ready, and it still wouldn’t be enough. We’d still be rushing out the door, trying to make sure we have everything we needed and look ready for a day exploring all the tourist destinations (or not). With Subtl Beauty, you can take your makeup routine with you, so you have one less thing you need before you can be on your way.

Along with your wallet, phone charger, and keys, the Subtl Beauty Stack is an essential no-brainer to drop into any bag before you go out the door. With a Subtl Beauty Makeup Stack, there’s no need to worry about having everything you need to maintain your look for the day. It’s all there in one convenient handful.

All the products in our Makeup Stacks can be applied by hand, so you don’t need an array of professional makeup brushes and sponges to get ready for the day. However, if you prefer using a brush to apply your makeup, you can get one for free with every Subtl Stack. 

The ease and versatility of these products mean you can apply your makeup on the subway during your commute, at the coffee shop while you wait for your order, or even in the bathroom at a museum before you start exploring.

Making Makeup Convenient

We live in a new world where more and more people crave convenience and simplicity across every area of their lives, and makeup is no exception. Travel size makeup kits aren’t just for vacations and business trips; they can make your beauty routine more convenient wherever you are. 

Even if you don’t travel often, there are still plenty of uses for travel size makeup. With a personalized travel size kit, you can save time before work, simplify your everyday carry, achieve an effortless summer look, and much more.

With less bulk taking up room in your purse, on your vanity, and in your suitcase, our smart and innovative products have found a way to make everyone’s lives a lot easier. Plus, you never have to worry about staying on trend and in style for all of life's big, small, and unexpected occasions. 



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