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5 Travel Size Makeup Tips to Get a Minimalist 'No-Makeup' Look

Three women happily holding up their Subtl Beauty Starter Stak that's the best travel size makeup

6 Tips to Get a Minimalist “No-Makeup” Look With Your Travel Size Makeup

At Subtl Beauty, we believe that among the millions of makeup trends out there, there’s one that'll never go out of style: minimalistic makeup. Given that our trusty Starter Stak can help you achieve both minimalist and full-glam moments, we thought it would be fun to explore how to use your travel size makeup for one of our daily go-to looks — the 'no makeup, makeup' look.

Subtl Beauty's travel size makeup Starter Stak includes concealer, lip & cheek, bronzer, shine control pressed powder, and highlighter

Here’s more about us, Subtl Beauty, and our travel size makeup Starter Stak. Plus – keep reading after the video to find out the steps to our favorite minimalistic routine:



Make Sure to Always Do Skincare Before Applying Your Travel Size Makeup

Photo showing that you should do your skincare before applying your travel size makeup. We recommend the MOX Starter Set, e.l.f Power Grip Primer, and Essence Lash Primer

Not included in your travel size makeup Starter Stak is skincare, but hey – that’s a venture we might tackle one day. For now, let's go over why starting with skincare matters. MUA Jason Hoffman says: “Proper skin care is a must. The skin should be hydrated, which will enhance any product you use. Well-prepped skin gives you a beautiful glow and helps you use less product.”

Check out our skincare recommendations to use before your travel size makeup Starter Stak:


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Try a Sculpt and Tone Tool Before Applying Your Travel Size Makeup

Photo showing that you can try a sculpt tool before your travel size makeup. We recommend the Blunt Skincare Rolling Stone Gua Sha and IMEASY Ice Roller

If you haven’t joined the skin tool/face massage movement, then hear us out: Gua shas and ice rollers are game-changers, just like the innovative Subtl Beauty Starter Stak. Studies have shown that facial massages using tools like a gua sha can alleviate stress, improve circulation, relax both your mind and body, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by boosting collagen. 

Check out our skin tool recommendations to use before your travel size makeup Starter Stak:

Apply the Concealer in Your Travel Size Makeup 

Photo telling you that now is the time to apply your travel size makeup concealer. The Subtl Beauty Cream Concealer comes in nineteen shades and is ultra-creamy

It’s time for your travel size makeup, so grab your Subtl Starter Stak’s Cream Concealer. According to Alexx Mayo, Lizzo’s makeup artist, reflecting on what minimal means to you is crucial before application. They emphasize that coverage is subjective; what's full coverage to one person could be sheer to another. In other words, cover the areas you think need it.

For those wanting a bit more information on our Cream Concealer, it’s transformative, versatile, lightweight, and long-lasting. Infused with Coffee Seed Oil, it's perfect for reducing puffiness during long layovers or busy mom mornings. We offer a choice of nineteen shades to go with your Starter Stak, and if it’s not a perfect match, we’ll replace it for free! 

Take a look at this Subtl Beauty who replaced her foundation with our Cream Concealer entirely:

Add a Gentle Wash of Color With Your Travel Size Makeup

Photo prompting you to now add some color to your travel size makeup look. We recommend the Subtl Beauty Lip & Cheek in Terracotta Tour Guide, which is in the Subtl Starter Stak

While optional (though we can’t fathom why you’d say no to a dash of color), now's the time to infuse some liveliness into your face with our travel size makeup Lip & Cheek in Terracotta Tour Guide. Boasting the perfect buttery consistency, it lasts all day, requiring no touch-ups. To get a trendy flush, apply it to the tip of your nose, the middle of your chin, your cheeks, and your lips.

Interested in a more in-depth look at our Lip and Cheek in Terracotta Tour Guide? This versatile and multifunctional product is a velvety 2-in-1 powerhouse, ensuring a flawless finish that lasts all day. Available in four stunning shades tailored to complement your skin tone and style, a few finger taps are all you need to add a dash of color to your look, no matter where you are.

If Terracotta Tour Guide isn’t your aesthetic, check out our other Lip & Cheek shades that you can add to your Starter Stak:


@subtlbeauty Check out the swatches of our new Subtl stak lip and cheek shades. We have 4 to choose from! #subtl #subtlbeauty #subtlstak #makeupstack #stackablemakeup #lipandcheektint #lipcheeks #makeupswatches #satisfyingswatches ♬ sail away - lovelytheband


Set Your Look With Your Travel Size Makeup

Photo telling you to now lock in your travel size makeup look with both a translucent powder and setting spray. We recommend the Subtl Beauty Shine Control Pressed Powder and the Milani Make It Last setting spray

The Subtl Beauty travel size makeup Shine Control Pressed Powder (another key feature of the Starter Stak) is sure to become your BFF. If you haven’t used a translucent powder before, listen to this easy application tip from MUA Kate Mellinger: "Product is always denser the first place you lay it on your face, so starting on your forehead, nose, and chin is super useful.”

Can we give our Shine Control Powder some praise? Not only is it an everyday, minimalist game-changer, but if you’re traveling in 2024 to warmer destinations, it expertly keeps oil at bay. Unlike a lot of other translucent powders on the market, ours is lightweight, cake-free, sets your makeup in place, and will last nearly as long as an entire plane ride across the globe. 

Here is a Subtl Beauty with and without our Shine Control Pressed Powder to show you how it works:

Photo showing a woman with and without the Subtl Beauty travel size makeup Shine Control Pressed Powder. On the left, her skin is matte and ready to take on the day. On the right, you can see a sheen to her skin

Grab the Best Travel Size Makeup Now (AKA the Starter Stak)

Grab the best travel size makeup kit now, the Subtl Beauty Starter Stak. On the left, the photo shows the conveniences of the Starter Stak: easy to use, mistake-proof, highly-pigmented, goes where you go, and great coverage. On the right, the photo shows a review from a happy purchaser of the Subtl Beauty Starter Stak. She said she was scared to give the concealer, specifically, a try, but it turned out perfectly. She also mentions how much time her Stak has saved her

Want to join over 200+ happy Subtl Beauties by grabbing a Starter Stak to try the ‘no makeup, makeup’ trend with? Click here to choose your Concealer, so we know how to curate your Starter Stak perfectly. If you’re unsure what shade would fit your skin tone, check out our 30-second quiz. You can even add accessories like our Dry Brush Cleaner to your Stak here

If you’re hesitant to up your makeup game to Subtl’s innovative Starter Stak, check out how easy, fun, and convenient it is to use (and how one Stak leaves you looking ultra-flawless):


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Before you go – make sure to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #SubtlBeauties to show us your ‘no makeup, makeup’ looks using our travel size makeup!

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