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trying stak 2.0 for the FIRST TIME!

hey there, beauties! it's keira from subtl beauty, and today is a special day because we're diving into the all-new stak 2.0. get ready to witness the magic as i create a stunning makeup look using our re-envisioned and improved stak. from formulation upgrades to sleek packaging, we've got it all covered. if you're curious to explore this exciting makeover, stick around for all the details!

meet stak 2.0

welcome back to the subtl channel, where we're about to explore the stak 2.0 in all its glory. comparing it to the previous version, this sleek upgrade offers a more substantial structure. each pan is now refillable, making it eco-friendly and cost-efficient. plus, we've added a mirror lid and an adorable brush that fits snugly in the base compartment. without further ado, let's dive into the makeup application!

step 1: flawless skin 

so i've already prepped my skin with a base foundation. now, i'm trying out the stak 2.0 cream concealer in shade 004N. this creamy concealer boasts improved staying power and reduced creasing. with just a few swipes, i notice that it's still creamy yet more substantial, providing excellent coverage. the difference is clear, and i'm already loving it!

step 2: a subtl flush 

next up is the lip and cheek product in the shade mauve in the maldives. with its new formula, the pigment spreads easily and offers a more subtl application. as i tap the color onto my cheeks, i'm impressed by how smoothly it blends. the new formula allows for better control and a more natural finish. applying it on the lips creates a cohesive look that's simply stunning.

step 3: warming things up

let's now explore the bronzer in shade latte. i'm using the brush that comes with the stak, which provides precise application. the bronzer's pigmentation is impressive, and the new brush applies like a contour, adding warmth to my complexion. i notice how the bronzer helps define my features, and the formula's ease of use makes it versatile for various application styles, including eyeshadow!

step 4: illumination station

now, i'm tapping into the highlighter, ensuring to remove excess pigment using the dry brush cleaner. the new highlighter offers increased luminosity, and applying it with the included brush gives the perfect glow. a little goes a long way, and i'm delighted by the beautiful shimmer it adds to my skin. highlighting key areas enhances the overall makeup look.

step 5: finishing touches

finally, i'm using the shine control powder to set the highlighter and achieve a balanced glow. this step helps control shine without dulling the radiance, giving my skin a healthy and polished appearance.

ok, while i'm at it, i want to try another shade on my lips. while the shade mauve in the maldives is perfect for cheeks, i'm experimenting with a new shade, terracotta tour guides, for my lips. this color adds a touch of red that complements the makeup look beautifully. i'm simply obsessed.


that's it! my makeup look using the new and improved subtl beauty stak 2.0 is complete. from the concealer's enhanced coverage to the refined lip & cheek and bronzer formulas, this stak has truly transformed the makeup game. with a sleek design, refillable pans, and added accessories, the stak 2.0 is a makeup lover's dream come true. if you're as obsessed as i am, hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all things subtl beauty. until next time, gorgeous!

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